Murder Loves Killers Too

Murder Loves Killers Too

Big Stevie has a sexual problem. Murder is how he has sex. And Big Stevie knows that there is no better way for a repressed killer to blow off steam than killing a bunch of care-free free-spirited teens. After her friends are all chopped, carved and slashed, sweet young Aggie is left alone to face off against this unreasonable psycho. Now she s got a pervert on her hands. A big one. And Big Stevie s problem could become Aggie s problem real fast.

Big Stevie has a sexual problem. Murder is how he has sex. And Big Stevie knows that there is no better way for a repressed killer to blow off steam than killing a bunch of care-free ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Winnie P (it) wrote: 5 Because its Maori hard Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica W (ca) wrote: Beautiful movie, lots of action and the music is very well done.

Dead S (nl) wrote: Beautiful film, though unrealistic that a older man wouldn't take advantage of this situation.

CJ C (fr) wrote: The story was a bit of a muddle, but suspenseful with some good effects. Not really a horror either, more of a ghost/gothic nightmare story.The story problems were explained by the following: "Director Francis Ford Coppola had originally intended the film as a type of "live editing" experiment using groundbreaking digital editing technology. Coppola intended to act as a sort of conductor during every screening of the film, lengthening or shortening scenes and even changing plot elements depending on the audience response. This caused long delays in the film's release and ultimately proved impractical, forcing Coppola to do a locked edit of the film, integrating elements from all various permutations of the story."--IMDB.Note: the boat decapitation scene in the movie reflects how FFCoppolas son was killed in real life. Creepy.

Grant S (ag) wrote: I love rock biopics, but initially avoided this because it starred Kristen Stewart, star of films where no acting, or plot, or character depth are involved. Just watched it now, hoping it wasn't all that bad. Sadly, it is. Kristen Stewart is indeed talentless. What could have been an edgy and intriguing look at one of rock's more controversial bands turns into a fairly lacklustre join-the-dots docu-drama. Much of this is the fault of the director, Floria Sigismondi. However, Kristen Stewart's lack of ability to play anything beyond one-dimensional characters doesn't help, especially as she plays the main character, Joan Jett.Stewart is aided and abetted by Michael Shannon, who, as Kim Fowley, tries too hard to be dark, quirky and edgy and comes off as over-acting.Dakota Fanning makes up for this, to a degree, by putting in an excellent performance as Cherie Currie. There are some other plusses: the music is great, of course. The history of The Runaways is covered fairly well.

NyAishah S (ru) wrote: get rich or die tryin' 2005

Tuomas S (ca) wrote: Visuaalisuus ihan kohdallaan, mutta ksikirjoitus ontuu. Nytteleminenkin aika pintapuolista. Kertaalleen viihdyttv.

Elena H (au) wrote: Not quite as entertaining as Fever Pitch, but a good Saturday post-game watch. (Probably more so for Arsenal fans).

Hannah L (br) wrote: Love this's great. I'll be honest, I hated it at first but, it grows on you.

Martin T (us) wrote: This is pretty standard fare for Ingmar: people trembling under the weight of bitterness, regret and impotence (with the potential for violence always bubbling just under the surface), and ultimately picking up the pieces of their shattered lives and carrying on the best they can. The use of sound, especially during the opening story of Frost and Alma, is masterful.

Tom R (br) wrote: A fun film with a ton of heart behind it. Though it's first act and it's ending could have been better, this was a unique way to incorporate time travel elements, to an already very interesting film premise (:

Gerard M (gb) wrote: Great writing, slick NY direction. This genre busting Rom-com (Chris) Rocks!!