Murdered for Being Different

Murdered for Being Different

Drama telling the true story of the murder of 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster in 2007, who was kicked to death in a park by a gang. Her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, was also severely beaten and put into a coma. The two of them were attacked because they were dressed as goths.

In 2006 teenagers Sophie Lancaster and Rob Maltby are attracted to each other by their shared Goth appearance. However in a small Lancashire town their unusual looks
and piercings invite hostility. A year later they are lured to a skateboard park and set upon by a gang of thugs| purely because they look different. Michael Gorman
does not join in the attack and| feeling guilty for not intervening| rings for an ambulance| attracting the attention of dogged policewoman Steph Farley| anxious to
arrest the culprits whilst he is under pressure from the other boys to say nothing. When Sophie dies of her injuries it becomes a murder case and Michael is forced
to tell Steph the truth about what happened. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kostas S (de) wrote: Perhaps not dead yet but we are surely taking our time.

Chelsea D (ag) wrote: Intensly real. But choppy and confusing. This couple is completely incompatable, but I think that's what makes this indie film work. Also, this movies isn't silly or filled with sex-humor like EVERY "rom-com" is nowadays. It was real. I especially can relate to Peter, I'm a lot like him when I'm in a relationship or trying to build one.

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