Murderers' Row

Murderers' Row

The handsome top agent Matt dies a tragic death in his bath tub - the women mourn about the loss. However it's just faked for his latest top-secret mission: He shall find Dr. Solaris, inventor of the Helium laser beam, powerful enough to destroy a whole continent. It seems Dr. Solaris has been kidnapped by a criminal organization. The trace leads to the Cote D'Azur.

The handsome top agent Matt dies a tragic death in his bath tub - the women mourn about the loss. However it's just faked for his latest top-secret mission: He shall find Dr. Solaris, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (ca) wrote: It's interesting to see behind the scenes at Studio Ghibli, but this is just for big fans. The viewer feels all 115 minutes of the film. It's slow, which goes along with the snail pace of old-fashioned animation. Near the end someone says "What a long process!" Yes, it is, a very long process. Prepare to see all of it, including the cat, and some plants.

Jens T (ru) wrote: I guess there's never been a film that is dedicated to the highly underrated sport called curling, to bad that the film with the word "king" in it, is barely about the sport itself but rather focuses on a fruit push of crazy curling players in their time of. The plot isn't anything new, it's actually so cliche that I would had left the theater right away. It's the story about the retired curling player Truls Paulsen (Atle Antonsen) who's discover that his mentor, Gordon is dying of cancer, so he decides to get back the old curling team in order to win the curling tournament to get the money for Gordon's operation. The problem with this movie is that it's to many subplots about the players, and neither of these stories has nothing to do with curling. Just to mention one stupid of these stories, is when one of the players hasn't slept for weeks, but then decides to clear up with his father who left him as a child just to end up as a David Bowie impersonator. I wish that it would be more about the sport itself, and how it effects the people on the times of. I did laugh some times though, specially when it comes to the sports scenes, but other wise it's full of internal Norwegian jokes that might not appeal to foreign audience.Kong Curling is another example of how Americanized norwegian movies are today, with an unoriginal plot, cheese characters, including a midget. It's also full of product placement, like Clas Oslon, and even Pepsi. This is also a heavily campaigned film that have been thrown into people every where. The film production in Norway has never been as high as it is right now with an production with over 25 movies each year, which have also created a big competition marked that force some of the movie to use product placement and heavy campaigns in order to sell their movies, no matter how bad the story is. A big thumbs down from me.

David K (mx) wrote: This movie is great! Funny! Gary Oldman, Dane Cook, Tony Cox, Christian Slater are hilarious in this movie.

Maddy A (us) wrote: what utter nonsense!! bad storytellin worser casting worst execution by mani ratnam. Bollywood shud try to promote talent and not superstars!!

Timothy R (au) wrote: going with slightly more than 2 stars only because they really tried to make this darkly comical, rather than purely action/suspense. it basically sucked but at least the idea was good, sorta

Jason M (de) wrote: Excellent documentary about people who write and piece on walls all over the world. If you are for or against graffiti, this film unifies the voices who are moved by the art form. Positive and negative views are represented objectively. Is it art? Is it vandalism? You decide. But the history, psychology, search and research are astounding. I loved this movie.

Richard D (us) wrote: A girl is convinced that her father was murdered in the family pool by a mysterious stranger. Meanwhile her boyfriend and his buddy sneak into a warehouse belonging to the local mortuary and see the owner (Christopher George) conducting some kind of Satanic ritual with her mother (Lynda Day George). Then his buddy disappears. Is the mortician conspiring with her mother to murder her? Not to give away too much, but all this plot setup is completely irrelevant since something completely different is happening involving a very young, pre-Terminator Bill Paxton. A weird film that is often effective despite a sluggish pace and a bizarre plot with a ton of red herrings that are largely just forgotten about. Paxton is pretty magnificent here, and sometimes this is genuinely creepy ... when it isn't being completely idiotic.

Barney o (us) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: There's no doubt 'Layer Cake' is a clever film in many ways - primarily because the story it's based on has a whole set of interesting messages and well-constructed plots, but also because it's brought to life in an artistic and exciting manor. It would be criminal to not mention the whitty humour and snappy pacing either, as these elements make the film something rather unique and showcase Vaughn's talents the most.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Unfortunately, whilst ambitious, it lacks overall narrative flow and in-the-moment focus. This may be forgiveable if the film spent longer looking at the lead characters, but sadly these great performances aren't given enough room to make you truly care. Left in that void is a lot to admire for sure, but little to actually engage.VERDICT: Layer Cake left me wallowing in the web of plots and themes, albeit whilst looking in vague admiration at the whitt and style with which it's all delivered.

John B (es) wrote: Keaton's directorial debut is not bad but not great. I think she suffers from the same problem as Tom Hanks..the need to show something to be loved rather than something edgy. The result is passable stuff but not memorable stuff.

Ariel R (ca) wrote: Tiene buenas ideas, sin embargo, estas ideas no son 100% explotadas, el desarrollo es algo rpido y descuidado, los personajes no tienen una gran presencia, tampoco son tan memorables, y los payasos, bueno, tampoco son tan aterradores. Las actuaciones son buenas (sin llegar a ser destacables), y el guion es medio bueno. Pelcula entretenida dominguera, slo eso.

Greg P (gb) wrote: Midnight Madness has been a favorite movie of mine since I was a kid. Ever since seeing this movie, I have thought it would be so awesome to compete in a game like The Great Allnighter. The story here is so cool and I love how they figure out the clues and progress to each place, especially when they show the different teams solving the riddles and cut from group to group as if they are finishing each others sentences. I also really like how each team has their own identity and how each of the team members fit this and add to it. The acting here is pretty good and it's fun to watch Michael J. Fox in such an early role and so young. I highly recommend that everyone sees this movie.

CarlErik M (jp) wrote: Police flick at its best!

Natalie B (nl) wrote: I caught this by accident and although it's a bit of a slow-burner, quite enjoyed it. Wow - that's what you call an in-depth review.

Ja S (ru) wrote: "Lelouch was briefly the most popular and influential director in Europe. Many of his subsequent films dealt with the symbiotic relationship between sex and crime, or sex and politics, or crime and politics: in short, he was the perfect commercial filmmaker." ***posle mnoogo godina i mnoogo budalastina, koje su "razbile blagajne", odbijam da nekoga Lelouch nazovem komercijalom. Zato je dobro ponesto gledati opet i opet. Distanca izostrava vid i uvid. Posebno u srednjim godinama:)

Anna B (gb) wrote: Loved the slow, grounded tension and the world-weary, pragmatic characters puncuated by two or three scenes of heart-rending intensity. That chase through the train tunnel is incredible. I can see this movie being considered an era-defining classic in a few decades.