A High School Science Field Trip is stalked by an Alien!

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Mutilations torrent reviews

Steve S (es) wrote: Les Profs : petit film sans prtention tir de la BD ponyme ; malheureusement, les gags de BD a passe mal l'cran s'ils sont rendus tels quels !

Quentin H (us) wrote: publique de 5 10ans grand Max!

Augustine H (mx) wrote: Highly-alike Neil Jordan's The End of the Affair, Rachel Weisz took over Julianne Moore's role brilliantly, only with more instability and sorrow in a profound way.

Jack T (es) wrote: Charming, but rather predictable.

Declan H (au) wrote: A great origin story combined with a kick ass superhero. Nuff' said.

Milos M (it) wrote: Fine, little, charming and light-hearted crime-comedy from Mr.Scott.

Kyle L (kr) wrote: 8MM is a fantastic psychological Thriller from start to finish and it is one of the best 90's Psycho Thrillers it is also one of the darkest Psycho Thrillers because the 90's Psychological Thrillers were always dark back in those days. The plot of this film is about a detective name Tom Wells who is investigating if a snuff film is authentic or not after receiving a call from a woman name Mrs. Christian and her lawyer William Longdale. As Tom investigates the case he is delved into the deep world of Snuff films. I so love this movie a lot and it is also one of Joel Schumacher's greatest movies in his career. What's very good about 8MM is that the movie is extremely well paced from start to finish and the pacing is very deliberate throughout the movie. The second good thing about 8MM is that the movie is full of suspenceful scenes that are very thrilling and I love the thrills that this movie managed to deliver. The other good things about 8MM is that the movie has a couple of kills that are extremely violent, graphic and very disturbing and this is also an example of a movie that you must watch with care due to the film's dark and unsettling tones and every kill shown in the film are really disturbing and tough to watch at the same time even the soundtrack is very disturbing to hear in the film kudos also to the fantastic cinematography in the film and the whole film is very atmospheric in a couple of parts. And last but not least the other good thing about this film is that the whole movie is also full of plot twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the end and its really easy to understand that the whole plot twists of the film so far. Now the acting is really nice in this movie all of the casts did a fantastic job with their work in the film but out of all the actors Nicolas Cage delivers the best performance in the whole film and I love the way Nicolas Cage acts in this film and his performance in a couple of parts of the movie is amazing and the 90's Nicolas Cage is fantastic at the exact same time It maybe flawed though but it is easy to overlook each of the scenes in the film. Director Joel Schumacher did a very good job with his work on this movie so far and I love the way he creates a tone and theme in the film that is pure dark and Andrew Kevin Walker did a fantastic job also with his work on the film at the exact same time so far. Overall this movie gets an 8/10 rating. Remember watch with care when you watch this film so far.because the film is very morbid and very dark at the same time.

rocknblues 8 (ag) wrote: Walter Hill is usually a decent director, but he lost his way with this film. Jeff Bridges gives a commendable effort, but this movie is uneven in every way shape and form. The casting is a mixed bag.... Christina Applegate? David Arquette? Did Walter just throw a bunch of mediocre actors names in a hat and drew these names out? The movie is fairly largely told in flashbacks and the characters are more of caricatures than real characters. There is no gripping story here or character to care about. It's just a mess of a movie with distorted flashbacks that could make even the most patient film fan want to throw his remote against the wall. Hopefully Jeff Bridges has forgot that he helped make this dud possible.

Seraphina R (es) wrote: Your classic revenge movie filled with some awesome Liam Neeson overreacting. Fantastic!! Comedic with enough action to keep you engrossed, but just pure awesomeness from Liam. :D

Michael W (es) wrote: Upper tier sword and sorcery epic. Barbara De Rossi outshines Tanya Roberts. Features higher production values than most of its Italian counterparts and props should be given to the costume designer for some great suits of armour.

Private U (ca) wrote: Dennis Hopper's acting in this is amazing, very well directed, some aspects come off as cheesy but in all the film is a beautiful surreal dream.

Justin R (ca) wrote: The spider that scares me the most as a rapidly growing atomic age monster that feeds on cattle as well as people. Creepy crawly, creepy crawly! A chilling sci-fi horror classic. Featuring a young Clint Eastwood and the main cast I haven't even heard of

Jamie B (fr) wrote: Stupid and awesome! Anyone who takes a book into the bathroom should see this. But definitely not for the faint of heart or ass.