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Mutlu aile defteri

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Joel A (jp) wrote: One of the most unintelligent, hysterically funny & more truthful than people think film about Australia's Housing Commission World.Filled with tons of Aussie Stereotypes that are sadly true in many cases.This is a film that only will appeal to Aussie audiences since we have first hand experience with these minorities. It's loud & proud & I find it a lot of fun...not for the faint hearted.

Kyle C (it) wrote: Our Idiot Brother? More like Our Idiot Writers. Now I was not expecting that much from this, I was hoping Paul Rudd would be Paul Rudd and it would at least get some laughs, but, the way this is written, Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd is not nearly enough. Now don't get me wrong, Paul Rudd is good as Ned, and the 3 actresses playing his sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer) are also good, but unfortunately, nothing happens in this movie. I don't know what is going on with Paul Rudd because this is the 3rd movie in a row of his that was not very good (after Dinner For Schmucks and How Do You Know), he was on fire after Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Role Models and I Love You Man, but I think his script choosing has been lackluster. This is a poor movie at best, but hey it's not the worst thing ever so I guess that's something. SKIP IT.

Tia W (ru) wrote: luv it luv it luv it, n there r sum fit lads.lool

Dann M (nl) wrote: With a wry sense of humor, Drop Dead Gorgeous delivers an edgy comedy about pageantry. In the film a documentary crew follows the contestants of the Sarah Rose Princess America Pageant in the small town of Mount Rose, but when a series of mysterious accidents start to eliminate the contestants foul play is suspected. The cast is pretty good and includes Kirsten Dunst, Brittany Murphy, Denise Richards, and Kirstie Alley, who all give solid performances. However, the tone of the film is inconsistent, and there are a ton of plot holes. The satire's pretty clever, but it's often undercut by the broad comedy. Drop Dead Gorgeous is an entertaining romp, but its story is poorly told.

Grayson W (ag) wrote: A pretty good blockbuster slasher, but I ultimately did not enjoy it as much as the first one. The movie within a movie theater scenes did remind me of the film Anguish, and the fun movie party atmosphere reminded me of Popcorn.

Taylor M (es) wrote: An effectively dramatic, and sometimes surprisingly funny, portrayal of racial tension. Do the Right Thing's impact and message are just as relevant today as in 1989, and its presentation, in many ways like classical Greek drama, yields, perhaps, an additional element of timelessness. Lee poses an important question, lays out possible answers, but leaves the "right" answer up to viewers' reading of the film. This allows and necessitates a dialogue about the film to take place, making it immensely more successful that some films about race that attempt to "instruct" audiences in a heavy-handed manner.


Scott R (fr) wrote: Not a bad murder suspense flick with Davis playing twin sisters.

Dominic M (fr) wrote: Satisfactory for a Saturday night creature feature, but there's much better.

Jersey D (nl) wrote: A classic film that was way to ahead of its time.

Scott H (kr) wrote: What a great propaganda movie, just like our dumbander and chief asked for: Muslims are good, Christians are not good, Americans are abscessed with sex and aggression and colonialism is bad!

Jason L (nl) wrote: 'The lord of illusions' is little slice of noir/cult magic brought to life by clive barker from his short story 'the last illusion' . A nasty little film that casts a spell over you and draws you in until the very end when you walk away feeling spellbound. (loving the magic puns here eh? ;) )

Chris D (kr) wrote: Jim Carrey pops his Hollywood cherry ironically in the role as a's chock full of silliness, memorable quotes and hilarious 80's music montages - hey, you got to start somewhere.

Karen H (nl) wrote: 2013-07-29 a bit overlong, but very well done. Rewatched 2017-04-20, still good.