Muzica in Sange

Muzica in Sange

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Corinna C (gb) wrote: any movie with imran khan <3

Sukhitha J (us) wrote: It doesn't get more depressing than this. The child actors play it naturally as possible, but the sense of narrating dialogues can be seen. Really heart breaking story. Too cruel.

Deborah B (de) wrote: i love this movie. i thought it was kind of full of suspense like you never knew when he was going to kill her and it is an amazing love story

Ryan C (au) wrote: "Jurassic Park III" begins as a mission to find a young boy that is stranded on an island with active dinosaurs lurking about, however, it quickly turns into the fight-or-flight adventure film we have seen in the previous two movies. The acting is no improvement, but at least the action is fast-paced and frequent as the dinosaurs have become much smarter and remain amusingly hungry for the boring characters that Steven Spielberg gave up on.

Levar M (ag) wrote: This is that shit right here, this is that shit!!

Mike T (de) wrote: A well-orchestrated mess that revolves entirely around style. Araki's use of imagery and music is masterful. The script doesn't appear to communicate anything of much consequence, but the film is so absorbing and entertaining that it doesn't really matter.

Joshua B (jp) wrote: The only Good one out of all of them

Nancy C (ca) wrote: I love watching Whoopi trying to be a secret agent and fumble through it.....It is a good laugh movie...

Sarah O (ca) wrote: I liked the feminist parts, but at the end, I don't think there was a lesson learned by any of the men

Amr M (jp) wrote: it seems that I'll never sto admiring Majidi's movies.. although he tends to repeat himself .. I mean the open ends, the good man, the country side, the chlildren ..etc the plot this time is about a child who works for his family after his beloved father's death. he returns from work someday to find that his mother has married another man. this really pisses him off.. and the events go between him and this man. the music is good and the the end was just perfect.

Pam R (nl) wrote: love robson green and rupert penry jones! it's a great movie about rediscovery and not being afraid to be yourself! if you like watching bbc, you'll like this!

InvaderGir Z (jp) wrote: amazing, mindblowing movie