My 5 Wives

My 5 Wives

A three times divorced real estate tycoon, who thought he was through with love. Gets more then he bargained for when he invests in some property for a ski resort in Utah.

Monte Peterson, a rich real-estate developer, is going through his third divorce. His friend Ray has found a good site for a ski resort in Utah, and Monte comes to bid on the land, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean D (it) wrote: This was complete garbage. Your typical stupid horror film about a group of teens or 20 something white people that try to relax and go on a vacation and meet killer humans. Your typical white bald pale male slasher killer humans affected by the radiation that can't do anything but make sounds and kill for no apparent reason. I had no hopes for this film. But it was just really dumb. I'm just over this whole Hills Have Eyes crazy white men killers. Nobody could think of anything else to make an adventure film about a group of people with a lick of diversity exploring Chernobyl and a surrounding town? No, apparently not. So what we end up having is yet another lackluster dumb as crap horror film. This is literally the bottom of the barrel in the horror genre with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Gavin S (gb) wrote: A very realistic look at what is now only the near future. A great insight into something that no doubt society will be going through soon. Joaquin Phoenix does a great role holding the audiences attention to the screen as, for most of the movie, the solo actor.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Starts off slow, but stick with it. Watching Alyce go off the rails on a crazy train is pleasure to watch. Fantastic final act.

Chris K (jp) wrote: Phenomenal cinematography and decent fight scenes can't help this disorganized jumble of ideas come together in an entertaining and memorable way. Wooden acting, forgettable music and a weak sense of cohesiveness overall, audience members are advised to stick to the Wilson Yip Ip Man stories.

Thomas L (nl) wrote: to bad this was a straight to dvd film, cause Kane Hodder deserved an oscar for playing the infamous killer Ed Gein, besides his roles as Jason & victor Crowley, this is probley his best performance.

Daniel C (us) wrote: This is very cheesy and cliche, but the director does a well job by introducing suspense into the film even though it was quite obvious who was the killer.

Juli N (it) wrote: Fantastic social commentary with a huge heart disguised as just another bizarre and perverse Takashi Miike film!

apple h (nl) wrote: such a great movie. u should c it

Greg H (de) wrote: When you have to change actors, that's often a sign of a bad movie. This is no different. Awful.

Greg W (es) wrote: one of those dog movies first saw this at the drive-in

K C (us) wrote: An underrated classic... Though not usually listed at the top of John Wayne fan films, 'Hondo' easily is one of the top five Duke films in a Western category. Sure, he won the war single handedly in the 40's and tamed the West all alone, but one time, he saved a single ranch and it's widow. If you include 'The Searchers' and 'Angel and the Badman', you get a very good rounding of Duke Westerns. Classic, not epic, but popcorn all the way.

Skye B (gb) wrote: It may not be the best film on the planet, but it has been judged a little too hard in my opinion - mainly because there is always a sentiment to bash Madonna present before anyone has seen the film. Thus, a 60-65% film (as this is) receives a much lower rating, because it start with a -50 before it is screened. This is quite sad, because it is worth a watch. Specially for the uncomfortable sex scenes.

Jason Z (gb) wrote: One of the most unique and creepy movies I have ever seen.