My Amnesia Girl

My Amnesia Girl

When Apollo finds himself surrounded by friends who are beginning to settle down, he is faced with the possibility of finding his true love. It all boils down to one name: Irene. It must be fate then, when he once again sees Irene, his ex-girlfriend from three years ago with whom he had the best memories with. Apollo and Irene were a perfect couple until circumstances led them to fall apart.Now, Irene has no recollection of Apollo, having acquired amnesia shortly after their separation. Apollo sees this as the perfect opportunity to pursue Irene again, and be able to undo all the mistakes he made in the past, by offering Irene the best memories she could ever have.True love is difficult to resist, they learn. Just when they find themselves ready to commit to each other, the pains from the past catch up with them, challenging them to finally own up to the mistakes made and lies said, and eventually realize what it is to forgive and forget.

Apollo wants to redeem himself to Irene, a girl who he leaves on the day of their wedding, but a big problem occurs, Irene has amnesia. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew T (fr) wrote: Finally a post-apocolyptic/zombie movie that hits the dramatic notes just right. There are some really great zombie movies out there, but it has been a good while since there has been one this serious and well done. I am also a huge fan of The Road, and yes that movie/book did not involve zombies, I still got the feeling there was some inspiration taken from it. Really enjoyed the animated sequences and the zombies themselves were spectacular. I could tell so much time was spent and emphasis was placed on bringing them to life (or to dead). The acting was also spot on, and while some have said this movie was too long or dragged on I have to fully disagree. It takes time for a dramatic movie to develop. I could only complain about a few things, one being both the general and his story. I didn't feel like he was built up to be a strong enough threat nor did the actor portray him well. Also, I could have done completely without the narrative (except for maybe during the animation). I understood exactly what the underlying message was without needing to be told. Could have at least had Sam Elliot do it. All in all, high praise goes to this movie especially keeping in mind how crazy low the budget was.

Jose Luis M (mx) wrote: El trailer te engancha, pero la pelcula a pesar tener a Cronenberg en la direccin es soporfera

Generoso F (de) wrote: Centered around the closing of Factory 420 in Chengdu City in Sichuan, the narrative of this film is carried by interviews some real, some not in memorializing the factory which is now being converted to luxury condos. Zhang Ke Jia uses these interviews to clearly show the cultural changes in attitude from Mao's China to present day and although this is well constructed I find 24 City eerily similar to the recent film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul's "Syndromes and a Century" that had as it's "control" for the changing social attitudes of an evolving city, a hospital . Also a small nod to the superb 1996 French documentary "Reprise" which used a similar interview structure in a failed battery factory. All that said, 24 City is still quite strong and at times quite moving but in relation to Zhang Ke Jia's previous work, to which I so admire it just does not show unique storytelling ability.

Marnie Z (fr) wrote: A mix of odd stories/characters - some more interesting than others.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: Well done biopic on the late Asian megastar and cultural icon.

Christina H (ru) wrote: It's cheesy and kind of terrible, but it's my favorite terrible movie. I tend to classify it as "so bad, it's actually kind of good" as far as movies go. Don't over think it too much, just enjoy this silly, stupid, hairbrained movie for what it is.

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