My Best Day

My Best Day

Karen can't believe that she has to work her receptionist gig on a gorgeous Fourth of July. Then a call comes from her long-lost father and sets in motion a crazy chain of events that will change one small town forever. Meanwhile, Megan must decide between the stability of her longtime girlfriend and the thrill of a new love. Young Ray fends off bullies and organized sports to woo the girl he likes. In a little burg like this, you’d better believe everything is connected, which means that pretty soon everyone is mixed up in each other’s business.

Karen's life as a small town receptionist is turned upside down when the father she never knew calls for a refrigerator repair. Karen sets out to investigate, dragging along her friend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan A (gb) wrote: "The English Teacher" is one of the ridiculous comedy ever!" The performances by the hole cast are horrendous. The directing by Craig Zisk is cockamamie. The screenplay by Dan Chariton and Stacy Chariton is extremely foolish and tedious. And the score is okay. "I'm raving that "The English Teacher" is monotonous that will bored you half to death. Not a must see!!!"

Kareem A (nl) wrote: Toy Story proves that a third installment of a trilogy can be the best. It's Toy story, only bigger and some how better. This is more than just a story with toys, it has awesome action sequences, dialogue, characters old and new, and does everything flawlessly. Children and adults can definitely watch and relate to these toys, and watch it over and over again. (9.5/10)

Tim M (jp) wrote: Dated and awkward triad black comedy. Golden Chicken was funnier, and it's a far cry from Heat Team. The few action sequences are usually well directed, thanks to Lam. A lot of the humor is cultural, and it's incredibly dry. Still, there are laughs to be had and even though the script doesn't play to Lam's strengths, he does a decent job. So, even when the attempts at parody are bizarre and sad, at least, for the most part, it looks good. Too long and melodramatic. For die-hard triad, Lam, Leung and/or Ng fans.

Toby C (it) wrote: One of the most complex and mind ending plots I have seen. A great film with decent action and effects that still hold up well today. More films today should be like this.

Joseph C (nl) wrote: The first two films in the trilogy worked because behind they focused on life and had meaning behind the imagry. This just feels like some pretentious film student founf a bunch of stock footage and figured out how to apply fancy color filters.

richard m (kr) wrote: B- Very overlooked film that's really funny and poignant. Ricky Miller

Mark D (gb) wrote: Enjoyable experiment that seemed relevant to watch before i see 'The Artist' and see if all the fuss is worth it. No real laugh out loud moments but it has several titters. Not Brooks' best work but a good use of physical comedy.

I dont know w (it) wrote: They packed an extremely long novel into 139 minutes? HA!

Jason K (fr) wrote: lets just all collectively forget this happened

Jamie A (de) wrote: "A guilty pleasure for everyone to enjoy, not matter who you are."

Greg W (gb) wrote: just OK version of this-book was way better

Becky B (it) wrote: Well done sci fi - seems to be the one thing audience scorers don't get on RT ...I have seen this movie many times and it is always worth a watch.

Tom M (br) wrote: Rosewater is an impressive directorial debut for Jon Stewart but it is a debut nonetheless.