My Best Enemy

My Best Enemy

Poland 1943: An unlikely pair - a concentration camp prisoner and a captain in Hitler's notorious SS - free themselves from the wreckage of a crashed SS airplane. The two appear to be strangely familiar with each other and the extent of their extraordinary relationship is thrillingly revealed.

A dark WWII comedy about two friends, stolen artwork and an unfortunate case of mistaken identities, as a Jewish man switches places with his Nazi best friend in order to survive . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillinger P (it) wrote: By now, everyone and their mother knows at least one version of events, on one of Americas darkest hours, the Assassination of JFK. This is also not the first time a film has been made about the incident, so in 2013 what does it have to offer us? Well apart from some mesmerising acting, tense dramatic scenes and frenetic editing work, not a whole lot new. Parkland follows the 3 to 4 days after the assassination, following everyone from Zapruda to the Oswald family, its a stonking cast as well, with plenty of talent in the mix. Everything we bare witness to here is brilliantly done and mixing real footage with the film has some strengths. However the film feels like just another addition to the JFK saga, it borders over conspiracy from time to time but doesnt have the heart to go there. It's like a professional documentarian trying to sit as much on the fence as possible. This would be good if it were about a new subject, considering that the events of that day are now so wildly talked about and theorized over, its hard to not picture its inclusion in here. The film also feels a bit flattened after its half way point, it just runs out of juice and goes through the motions for the 3rd act, which is hard to critic too harshly as the same could be said about the mourning of any human being. Still the source material shines through, the actors do a great job and the camera work and editing all hold everything together as we are thrown around like the key players that day. It's just that by the end you cant help but feel, what was the point?

Lyndon Delnar G (ca) wrote: If you like fast paced movies, explosions everywhere, action here action there, this movie is not for you.But if you like movies that uses mystery as its ambiance and curiosity as its fuel, well TAAADDAAA

Mark T (us) wrote: Like a cross between high school musical and waterloo road. That makes it sound rubbish, but it really isn't. Great 70s soundtrack too.

Erden C (it) wrote: fast cars and beautiful girls concept with no real fast cars or beautiful girls.not worth the time.

FilmGrinder S (ru) wrote: "Every nation in every region, has a decision to make, you're ether with us or with the terrorists."-George W. BushGood grief, I hate that son of an asshole (freedom of speech). God help us.

Brant S (nl) wrote: Korean RomCom that actually has some charm and is funny. Candy is a civil service worker who gets chosen via spin the bottle to learn English for her job after a run-in with a disgruntled English-only speaker. Candy is a plain girl whose more than a little awkward. In her class is a wanna-be womanizer nicknamed Elvis. What follows is familiar to those of us forced to watch US RomComs: the misunderstanding, the chase that leads to a Public Statement of Love, the "plain" girl who transforms into the Hot girl she already was, etc. What makes this all bearable to me was the charm of the leads and the goofy nature of some of the sequences.

Keith C (ca) wrote: The movie during which Hannah and I knew we were in love...I could tolerate French subtitles and Hannah could tolerate the fact that I tried to read French subtitles. Awwww....

Nicholas L (it) wrote: "Marked for Death" is something you should watch with your brain turned off... It is violent and straightforward; so, basically, your typical Seagal flick - is that good? No, not really.

Justin W (ag) wrote: this is's basically a 68-minute after-school special for parents. if i were a parent, the lesson i would have learned from watching this was that if i neglect my kid, the child will grow up to work for a mafia without being smart enough to realize that they're working for a mafia. i could have given that child the common sense they were lacking if only i had been there for them...just like my parents could have given me the common sense to avoid this movie if only they hadn't neglected me. i suffered through this movie...for that, i accuse MY parents.

Brian S (gb) wrote: this is a movie about cars and cameras--and that's just fine. the people aren't that exciting, and they're not all that likable. in that sense, it doesn't really matter who crashes and burns and who takes home the big prize at the end. it'd be essentially the same movie if a few characters switched lives. the interesting part of this film is the Formula One racing and the terrific (even if a bit cheesy at times) cinematography that captured it. the car's-eye-view angle was really cool--would have loved to have seen that in Cinerama. overall this lengthy piece is entertaining enough to hold my interest and give me an appreciation for the golden age of auto racing--I probably would have even preferred a bit more auto racing. also props to the great Toshiro Mifune and a very young Jessica Walter. their characters might not be outstanding, but it's still fun to see them on screen.