My Best Friend's Wife

My Best Friend's Wife

Two friends are about to learn that they are "Grownups."

Two friends are about to learn that they are "Grownups." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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william m (gb) wrote: A great animated Batman film that earns the PG-13 rating, the only thing missing was Kevin Conroy.

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Private U (it) wrote: A fictional film representing the elderly Alice Hargreaves' trip to America to celebrate Lewis Carroll's centenary. In the run-up to this event she is haunted by recollections of her time with Carroll as a child, and forced to reassess the nature of their relationship. The film focuses on their mutual love for one another as friends, yet emphasizes particularly the depth of Carroll's feelings for Alice. This is skilfully handled: all the memory scenes are utterly convincing as possible past interactions between Alice and Carroll. While the film does emphasize the darker side of Wonderland, it never gives the impression that Carroll mistreated his child-friends. Parts of Alice in Wonderland are skilfully incorporated into the film and the novel's characters are brilliantly envisioned by Jim Henson's puppet-creators.

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Brittany S (jp) wrote: Interesting concept- execution could have been better.