My Daughter, My Angel

My Daughter, My Angel

Nathalie Dagenais is a 19 year old girl studying to be a lawyer. New to the city of Montreal, she will soon discover the world of porn. One day, her father (Michel Côté) comes across her picture on the Internet and wants to find her and before she makes what he thinks is a mistake. The story goes from past to present, when a police officer investigates the death of Max, a man who Nathalie knew.

As he navigates through porn sites without the knowledge of his wife, Germain comes across a video of his only daughter announcing her impending live performance. The political advisor of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Franois M (de) wrote: Le film n'a certe pas d'immenses qualits artistiques, mais les performances de Pierre Niney et Guillaume Gallienne valent elles seules le dplacement. Un peu court en temps, il touche peut-tre pas assez au ct cratif de Saint Laurent...

Surenthar T (ru) wrote: Great acting by all the cast including Suriya! Movie goes very deep in second half, not scifiy as 7AM or Endihran, but good movie could have done with more humor. Nanban and Thandavam are still up for my movie of 2012 (waiting to see if Thuppakki or Poda Podi can beat 'em)

Simon D (au) wrote: So this is about the wartime struggles of a housewife, well, if so, it didn't come across like that, it came across as a woman who did her bit by making tea and cakes for other old women and before you know it, the war is over. It gives you a decent insight into what wartime England was like but other than that, it's a pretty boring rambling film.


Mikael S (ca) wrote: Quite nice and sweet for a coming-of-age tale.

Nicholas H (ag) wrote: i got a lot of time for the rock.

Jared M (us) wrote: quite the declaration to be like Mike.

Geraldine O (au) wrote: Crazy life, great light work

Robin T (es) wrote: I 've tried many times to watch entirely Battlefiel Earth and I had never been capable.

Monique J (kr) wrote: Love this Movie and that it's set in San Francisco. Great Cast of Characters that keeps you amused through all emotions of sorrow, pride, suspense and laughter! Loved it when I was younger and still love it to this day!! Love Christian Slater and that Ashley Judd makes a couple of appearances in this must See Flick!!

J K (ag) wrote: At least Sinbad and Lou Ferrigno have one thing in common -- neither can speak clearly.

Valery C (ag) wrote: Zombies! Invisible aliens! Helpless lady! Weaseling scared arsehole! Testosterone! Invaders killed by BASS! What's not to love there?

MF J (us) wrote: A good film about a trial inside a Nazi camp at the end of the war. The cast is good , the story thrilling & entertaining. Not the masterpiece of the decade but a decent Hollywood flick.

Andy G (fr) wrote: It's ok horror movie