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My Dreams


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Javier E (ag) wrote: Creativa y bien realizada, aunque deficiente en el guion. Divertida. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Pam R (br) wrote: This movie freaked me out.

MariePier D (ag) wrote: I don't know... Ok I guess but a forgettable story too.

John H (de) wrote: When one crappy movie isn't enough... make a 4th and put in on the SyFy channel. Keep trying SyFy. You'll perfect the terrible movie yet. It's all about persistence.

Luke H (it) wrote: The father doesnt seem to care that his son died and treats a robot who doesnt have feelings just like him!

Eliabeth J (br) wrote: The synopsis gives the whole movie away. The synopsis made me laugh more than the actual movie.

Brian S (fr) wrote: here's one of those films that you supposedly have to see to believe. a perspective-altering masterpiece. I fail to make that connection. the intended purpose, as I understood it, is to compare the death penalty with cold-blooded murder. Jacek is a human being like anyone else, and his involvement in his sister's death is very unfortunate, but he's also a seemingly unapologetic murderer who somehow believes he deserves to be buried next to his father in place of his mother. I think it would have been much more effective if he was just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time--the lone witness to a murder that was wrongly accused and sentenced because no one could prove otherwise. if both victims are innocent, it makes the parallel a lot stronger. Jacek is both guilty and not openly apologetic about it (despite being remorseful overall). it's much harder to be empathetic towards him that way. he's just not a likable character. nor really are the other two mains--the cab driver's a bit of a jerk and the lawyer comes across as an insecure vaguely-motivated idealist. as for the style of filmmaking, it was succinct. not a lot of character development or detail, just a very basic parallel narrative with a beginning, middle, end, and not much else. the violence was graphic and realistic, but not as horrifically shocking as its perhaps made out to be. killing is an ugly reality, but this film is by no means the most compelling argument to that fact.

Codie E (us) wrote: Steve Buscemi's AIDS victim is written and portrayed originally, with respect and understanding. It is unfortunate that the rest of the film doesn't live up to his character or performance. Not that any of it is bad, it has just been done better in other films.

Andrew J (br) wrote: Enjoyable. Although instrumental at its time, it appears to lose some of its magic now without the benefit of being a movie buff to pre-Breathless movies.

Grayson D (es) wrote: Brilliant looking and well acted Chabrol drama. I enjoy it more than some of his more celebrated films.

Kristen S (es) wrote: omg where do i even start with this movie. robert mitchum continues his domination of the male race, putting all other challengers to shame. he spends the entire last quarter of the movie shirtless for no other reason than to flaunt his virility. jane russell is all sass and champagne, and never caught without an evening gown. and oh god--vincent price, playing a shakespeare-quoting, rifle-toting BADASS. it's like howard hughes packed in enough for three movies in here--with extra sex and violence, of course. tonality, it's a little bit of a disaster, albeit an awesome one that never fails to entertain. definitely worth your time to check it out.

Andrea M (mx) wrote: Concept was interesting...but I don't know if the movie will grow on me as far as being a horror classic.

Samitha J (au) wrote: A perfect movie from Disney's humble and sweet beginnings.

Scott S (it) wrote: This one didn't get the greatest reviews...but I enjoyed it.