My Father's Daughter

My Father's Daughter

Adjustments, loneliness, exploration, friendship, disintegration, the unexpected, and a daughter's unconditional love for her father that kept a family together.

Adjustments, loneliness, exploration, friendship, disintegration, the unexpected, and a daughter's unconditional love for her father that kept a family together. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack B (gb) wrote: An awful plot direction and cheap CG makeover make this adaptation a disappointment, despite the fact that Mangan makes a fine job of the role vocally. Fails to deliver the goods.

AD V (br) wrote: Significant only for a young Bill Paxton playing weird rather well.

chris a (fr) wrote: Though the comedy takes more a backseat for the issues to come to the spotlight, Barbershop 2 still has plenty of laughs, fantastic acting, and social commentary only rivaled by the 3rd film.


Tabitha J (de) wrote: i love the powerpuff girls! ooh and its christmas-y

WakeWRC89 (de) wrote: Poor film. Lots of explosions etc but failed to entertain and keep me fixed to it.

Jason G (mx) wrote: Too good to be a "movie"...... but falls just short of being a "film". DAY OF WRATH's biggest flaw is in casting Christopher Lambert in the lead. Lambert has been good in one film and one film only. HIGHLANDER. The character he portrayed in that film was just quirky and off-centre enough for viewers to buy Lambert in the part. In many ways... HIGHLANDER was such a perfect vehicle for Lambert, that it ruined him for any other role. That is certainly the case in DAY OF WRATH. The rest of the cast is extremely capable and bolstered mightily by excellent cinematography... authentic settings... brilliant lighting and well-paced action. Even the story is intriguing and strong enough to keep you watching... But then there's Lambert. The man is just not a good actor. His "Peter Lorre-esque" accent is distracting to say the least and his ability to thoroughly mangle the English language while delivering his lines can't help but make you wince every time he's on the screen. I will give Lambert credit for delivering what must have been an absolutely draining, physical performance for a man his age but almost anybody else in his role would have made DAYS OF WRATH just that much easier to watch. At best... a rental for fans of Historical fiction.

Kris S (it) wrote: Kurosawa's first. An okay film. Interesting as a curiosity to see where it all started from. The story is simple, presentation quite conventional but nevertheless enjoyable to watch.The original cut was destroyed due the Japanese wartime entertainment policies. The copy that remains is 17 minutes short from the original and as such one is left to wonder what was cut by the censors.

Tyson P (br) wrote: actually pretty crazy story

kostas t (gb) wrote: mia tainia stul vasiko enstikto mono pou den exei toso ti lampsi kai tous asteres autis!

Ruth S (ru) wrote: Interesting but simplistic if we take the movie to its word. But I guess it was just a novel attempt to discuss how individual, personal history might collide with social and political processes sometimes resulting in sad coincidences if not necessarily causalities... (also got me thinking how often we as humans fail to find the best solutions to conflict, instead further fuelling it... as it seemed to be the case with the Versailles Treaty... a quite educating case for today's issues in many countries).