My Friend Irma Goes West

My Friend Irma Goes West

Singer Steve, friend Seymour and fiance Jane, along with her dizzy blonde room mate Irma, have a series of misadventures on a California-bound train and end up involved with a gang of murderous gangsters in Las Vegas.

Singer Steve, friend Seymour and fiance Jane, along with her dizzy blonde room mate Irma, have a series of misadventures on a California-bound train and end up involved with a gang of murderous gangsters in Las Vegas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leonardo Malacay S (fr) wrote: Desde Estonia esta gran pelcula, con una historia "sencilla" de esas que conmueven el alma.

David H (gb) wrote: as the title suggested, "Architecture 101" is about building something called love from the start, the way the characters deal with it, and I think the film managed to represent it well. you can build love and maintain it, demolish and start over, renovate and make it better, or simply leave some memories and move on.

Mattias F (it) wrote: What seems to be an inexpensive Slasher-Horror film at first glance is an atmospheric suspense-thriller with a surprising twist at the end - although there remain unanswered questions. The longer you watch "The Silent House", the surer it is that there will be a dark secret to disclose.

Kaspars R (de) wrote: Nothing much to see.

Brett C (it) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I don't consider myself as the biggest Joy Division enthusiast, but I can proudly say that I do love their music and I consider myself at least a fan of their work. The band has made an impact on my life and my perspective of music. I remember when around 5-6 years ago, when I first heard the band, I listened to Unknown Pleasures, it didn't instantly blow me away instead it crept up on me as I kept coming back to it. It was songs like She's Lost Control and Disorder that truly hit me in the heart and convinced me that they are one of the greatest and underrated bands of all time. They were the reason I immersed myself in Post-Punk bands and led me the path in finding artists like The Cure, Gang of Four, and Echo and the Bunnymen; they also allowed me to appreciate the bands that came before them with bands like The Sex Pistols, David Bowie, and The Velvet Underground (though the latter only by a little bit as they were already regarded as one of my top bands way before I found Joy Division). So before coming into this, I did have some expectations, thinking I would be blown away right from the start. Sadly the film didn't succeed in doing so.Control's plot is the exploration of Ian Curtis' life, showing us where and how he started; his experience in school and the relationship he has developed with Deborah whom he eventually married to the building of Joy Division and his handling of his health condition, Epilepsy. If one doesn't know Ian Curtis' history or listens to the band's music, then this film might or might not work for them as Curtis' life and the music, particularly the lyrics, are connected with each other so deeply that in order to completely understand, one must be aware of both, but then again this is just how I feel and my opinion is quite biased with the subject. So I came into this film with a bit of knowledge on his life, but my expertise is more concerned with the band itself rather than the singer alone, so I know how the film would turn out. The film explores so much aspects of the artist's life and because of this the film felt a bit flat. If the film spent more of its time on his battle with epilepsy or the creation of the band or even his relationship with Deborah, then this film would have been more impacting as the film would have had enough time to flesh it out and focus on the character's feelings towards the particular issue. Yes, I am aware that the film's point was to create this idea that his life has become so chaotic to the point where he loses almost all sense of control, living a life that is practically not worth living, but the film's running time only stretching out to roughly around two hours and with so much content, it feels rushed and unfocused. Maybe my detachment with the film is also based off the fact that I am only truly interested in their music and the journey the band took together in making it, rather than the individuals themselves.I do have to give it to Anton Corbijn, the director, to keep the film feel as authentic as possible. Certain moments or things like when the band watched the Sex Pistols perform, or that Ian is a big fan of David Bowie and Lou Reed, or the inspiration of the lyrics for She's Lost Control was a girl he witnessed who has suffered from an epileptic seizure, or that the band used to be called Warsaw and that the dances he performances on stage is erratic and based off his epileptic experience, are some of the examples that shows how much care Corbijn shows for the artist, the band and their history. It was only Curtis' relationship with his wife and his mistress are the things I don't really know much about, and the film does help me understand and care a bit more about those aspects, but it still wasn't as interesting as the other aspects of his life.The film featured great black and white cinematography that truly captured the melancholy and pain of the artist's life. It also connects well with the band's music and matching with the colors and simplicity of the band's two studio album covers. The film features some original music by New Order but most of the film uses songs from artists including David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols, Kraftwerk, The Buzzcocks, and at times from the band themselves, either performed by the actors or by the band themselves. I think the film would have benefited if the entire film used original material from New Order to maintain some sort of consistency and allow the film to feel more dramatic. At least the songs being played are connected with the band's influence of creating their music. The actors that play the members of the band actually performed live, which was clear to me as it wasn't as on point as I thought it would be, nevertheless it's still a great job on the actors for being able to capture the intensity of the band during their gigs. It also would have been great if the film had used one of Joy Division's masterpieces in the film, "Ceremony"; it was one of the last songs that the band composed before the tragic event and the transition of the band to New Order.The film's acting is mostly carried by both Sam Riley as Ian, and Samantha Morton as Deborah. Both did a wonderful job in capturing the essence of their real life counterparts and provide excellent chemistry between the two actors. The actors that portray the other band members were also great but the film sadly didn't spend enough time on them.Control is a film that had the potential to captivate me but unfortunately falls short due to the lack of exploration of its subjects and ideas. If one is a fan of Joy Division or New Order then one shouldn't miss this as there are a couple of things in this that would excite even the casual fan. For now, I hope that someday there would be a film about Joy Division and the relationship between each of the members and the music they produced.

Eddie S (it) wrote: This one is actually not that bad. Somewhat arty and also typical 1990s touch to it...

Ryan V (it) wrote: If any Trek film can legitimately claim to be the best, Wrath of Khan aside, it's this. Dealing with time travel, ecology, and a great sense of humor, this is science fiction at its best. The only reason I place Wrath of Khan ahead of this is that this one really lacks a corporeal villain who can match wits and brawn with our heroes. It's beautiful, regardless.

Rosco B (de) wrote: "I love Ed Harris. He's the best actor in Hollywood." So said I during a pub based rant a few years ago, but I'll stick with it - and the man is on incendiary early form in this oddity from George Romero. The film follows a freewheeling motorcycle gang who make their living as knights in a medieval troupe; jousting and selling their wares wherever will have them. Billy (Harris) is the self-styled 'King' of the group; living according to an Arthurian code and plagued by recurring dreams of a black bird which he believes to symbolize his destiny. Billy's chief rival in the group is 'Black Knight' Morgan (Tom Savini) a showboating type who has his own claim to the throne. Tensions rise when the troupe stir up some serious commercial interest and become unwittingly split into factions. Harris is brilliant in his role as Billy: at times otherworldly; at others driven and brutally intense. A scene where he threatens a crooked cop on the way out of a jail cell builds up into an astoundingly raw, vital piece of acting. When he finally gets even with the boy in blue, it's a crowd-pleasing moment. The cast is filled out with Romero's recurring stock players: Savini is good and cocky in a larger role than usual and Scott Reiniger and Ken Foree ('Dawn of The Dead's SWAT partners) plus John Amplas ('Martin') round out a multicultural, intriguing gang of characters. Horror titan Stephen King (who'd work with Romero on his next film, 'Creepshow') and his wife also turn up for an amusing early moment. It's a real change of pace for Romero - with its largely gore-free, often romantic drama - yet some of his recurring themes and ideologies still come into play. The idea of the outsider struggling to integrate - as examined in 'Martin' - is explored further with the 'Knightriders' gang and there are strong senses of counter-culturalism and a disillusionment with authority. Also, the over-riding victory of artistic belief over brash commerce which provides the crux of the gang tension seems to mirror Romero's own integrity in his independent film-making. Did I mention Ed Harris was the King?

Fonie G (es) wrote: The action is exciting, the special effects are dazzling, and Peter Jackson definitely captured the spirit of the original 1933 film. Grade: A+

Dan H (gb) wrote: Saw this very effective but awful movie at age 7. I grieved for that dog for years afterwards. It is it, or was it, with Disney making movies for kids that show loved ones dying ...Bambi come to mind. Too, too sad for little kids.

Karen H (ca) wrote: 2016-04-27 silly but lots of action and not bad except for the misnamed 'administrative punishment'.