My Führer

My Führer

The action comedy is set in 1944. Hitler appears in it as physically and mentally destroyed person who takes the advice of Goebbels in the actor-teacher of Jewish concentration camp for ...

The action comedy is set in 1944. Hitler appears in it as physically and mentally destroyed person who takes the advice of Goebbels in the actor-teacher of Jewish concentration camp for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yuri B (it) wrote: This actually was pretty good... still on the fence about Teller (his acting presence irks me sometimes)... but it was a cute little film... definitely a date movie.

Linda A (jp) wrote: Not an hilarious comedy- bright spots...

Jayden (es) wrote: one of the best movies ever!

Brandon T (ag) wrote: A disgraceful sequel.

Lorean 1 (ru) wrote: 12 years have passed and I still don't understand why people hate this movie. I LOVE it. This Catwoman is not just some lame thief with acrobatic skills, she got superpowers from an actual CAT. That is awesome. Halle Berry makes a great Catwoman.

Martin R (us) wrote: Siguiendo con el ciclo de pelculas alemanas, una muy buena comedia que aborda las diferencias culturales entre turcos y alemanes.

David H (nl) wrote: A funny Trash Movie with a tiny Cop who fights against crazy Toys and save his sexy tiny Lady

Eric N (es) wrote: Fantastic film - heavy on pretty clever drama, equal parts brutal and beautiful, light and dark. Pretty legendary film. However, as a young man I thought many scenes were cool that almost a decade later I find silly. But it deserves exactly 4.0 stars out of 5 for cinematography, choreography and romanticism.

Aj V (it) wrote: Another bad sequel from the 80s, this one is no where near as good as the first one. I'd say just see the first one and forget about this movie.

John D (de) wrote: Another Gene Pitney reference, but this time the song is the theme of the film. Very gritty film for it's day, Kirk Douglas gives a less restrained performance than Richard Widmark did in "Judgement At Nuremburg" two years later, playing much the same character. For years, when this was shown in NYC on TV, The Times TV section said "Very good drama but get rid of that song!" WRONG!

Greg M (au) wrote: A romantic comedy by Ingmar Bergman, in which four couples find love of various forms by the end, despite the fact that, as one character puts it, "Love is loathsome."

Patrick F (us) wrote: One of the finest musicals put to film. While Judy's no Ginger (but COME ON - she's still Judy Garland!), there's so very much to love here. Irving Berlin's songs are incredibly fine and clever, and it goes without saying that Fred and Judy more than do them justice. The script is more than just a line on which to hang the songs - the characters are more complex and well-rounded than many of that era. An incredible movie.

Paul C (ru) wrote: This would of been a great horror film if they focused more on some key points. Now this is suppose to be a suspenseful movie with a crazy ending. The ending is presented as promised, but the build up is a little weak and very confusing. Now I know to build up suspense you have to have a little confusion; but this was too much. Sang-mi Nam did do good in her role though and that did add enjoyment to the film. There is a ghost in the film, but they really needed to focus on her more. The scenes she was in were too short. That is what would of got the viewers hiding in their seats. There are many asian horror films out there with the typical female ghost; so it has been done before. This ghost would not make it in the top ten sadly. But overall, it was ok to watch once and it does have a pretty good ending. The cast stays true to their roles also, so that is a plus.

Jacob D (mx) wrote: My second least favourite Indiana Jones movie but still is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen in my life.#Screw kingdom of the Crystal skull