My Geeky Girlfriend

My Geeky Girlfriend

College student Mutou Ookawa catches a glimpse of Ametani Yuiko, his co-worker from a former part-time job and falls immediately in love. Summoning up his courage, he eventually confesses ...

College student Mutou Ookawa catches a glimpse of Ametani Yuiko, his co-worker from a former part-time job and falls immediately in love. Summoning up his courage, he eventually confesses ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bill S (ca) wrote: Better than the first, but still not a great movie. Rating based on my like of main actors.

Adrian S (kr) wrote: Hong Sang-Su and Isabelle Huppert? You definitely can't go wrong. As with his previous cheeky features, Hong story-within-a-story explores the possibilities of love and its comedic consequences. This time with Huppert as a fish out of the water.

Bobby B (ca) wrote: the worst fucking shit i ever watched! Warning! do not watch this at any cost, u will puke atleast 3 times

Slade W (fr) wrote: I may be he only one, but I found this movie to be a great piece of horror that is able to keep you up at night.

Silvia B (ag) wrote: that can't be true, none would have that courage to product that idea. it's unbelievable without wanting that. it's not funny. what a movie, what a movie I pay the courage really.

Danielle R (us) wrote: Very good made for TV movie. Highly predicable, but still a good movie. Cheesy at times, but overall enjoyable.

Shiva K (us) wrote: Half Nelson goes deep inside and stays long after the credits roll.A marvelous movie, a little gem.'Two thumbs up' for Ryan Gosling.

Helina M (au) wrote: Very funny... TERRI AND RICKY!

Ethan R (de) wrote: Good film. Deals with some significant life themes. Some more specific to China and some more universal. The sparse dialogue is a nice touch. As is the case for so many movies, though, this could have been edited down some without losing anything.

Nicole N (gb) wrote: Muy entretenida. La musica es super buena, la animacion es excelente para la epoca. La historia es original y llevable.Pasas un buen rato viendo la pelicula.

Joe (jp) wrote: This is one of my favs of queer cinema. Great coming out movie!

Tor M (nl) wrote: A challenging film to watch as it's sat in the 16th century and there are not much stuff here that makes it interesting at first glance.The crazy Don Lope de Aguirre leads a Spanish expedition in search of El Dorado and that is interesting enough. The just as crazy Klaus Kinski does a brilliant job portraying Aguirre and is the film's most impressive actor. Some impressive scenes, other are more of the disturbing kind. Impressively shot and a nice little story. The soundtrack is sweet. I got some problems with getting entertained, but after a while, when the indians are more appearing, it get's a lot better.Chaotic and daring, impressive and slow. Naturally, with men as Herzog and Kinski on board, it has some trivia that's even more interesting than the film itself.6.5 out of 10 little monkeys.

Leonardo B (it) wrote: Teorema se beneficia de la direccion muy restringida de Pasolini, que evade por todos los medios convertir la pelicula en un thriller barato que da respuestas (y preguntas) obvias a su interesante premisa. Si bien el resultado del roce de estos personajes burgueses con lo que parece ser Dios (un Terence Stamp en pleno periodo mozo) puede resultar comico, no deja de generar una interesante reflexion a la naturaleza del cristianismo y su concepcion moderna. Sin embargo, hay que tenerle paciencia. Solo por eso no tiene 4 estrellas.

Evan H (us) wrote: this movie is crazy!

Paul D (ag) wrote: Good early Carry On with less of the bawdyness associated with later films.

Ramone J (br) wrote: conspiracy, bloodlines, & murder... its a mediocre plot and story.

Jacquline G (mx) wrote: This movie is touching, and sad. The love story behind the fighting is sweet, but Leigh shows such a depth, her character survives without aid, but also solves problems for the men in the story. I love this movie it has action, romance, and an actual plot.

Elaine J (au) wrote: Bordeline j'etais, a mi-chemin entre l'indifference et la curiosite, avec un baillement face au scenario mais toutefois un interet sincere envers le type de deviance abordee dans ce film

Christian G (br) wrote: Realmente mala pero un sector de la poblacin la puede encontrar entretenida, los programadores y los filsofos y los locos por ejemplo.

Slinky J (it) wrote: Cherry Falls relies to much on Scream, Urban Legend and I Know What You Did Last Summer bad cliches. And the acting isn't much better either.