My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

My Left Eye Sees Ghosts

A car accident gives a spoiled, troubled young woman the ability to see ghosts, including one of a former classmate.

A car accident gives a spoiled, troubled young woman the ability to see ghosts, including one of a former classmate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt A (kr) wrote: Starts off very strong which could've been a decent commentary of how our lives have been taken over by social media. But all this comes to a halt after 30 minutes. It starts giving the tired old cliches of jump scares and fake outs and some very bad acting... I'm getting sick to death of all these bad horror films.... it's getting tiresome. Although the ending was alright. But leaves it open for a sequel.... like every horror does.

maxwell w (nl) wrote: Possibly one of the best horror films ever made

Lau H (br) wrote: Very nice setup, and very interesting story for the standard of horror movie. Not as scary as expected, but quite entertaining.

Connie H (jp) wrote: A typical chinese story about a young man who has no choice but to take over his family's banking empire. It is interesting when the father said "I thought it should be enough for having 3 sons"; sarcastically of course, it wasn't.

Giorgio P (mx) wrote: The only political drama that I found highly entertaining! Im not a fan of the genre but Ron Howard creates a really engaging film that im sure anyone can enjoy.

Larry W (au) wrote: It felt like a dark sequel to van helsing, but I kinda liked it... kinda..

Robert C (es) wrote: Needlessly stupidly dreadful love story: a waste of good film.

Dammy G (kr) wrote: I liked these movies as a kid, but yeah, they clearly were terrible kids movies.

Jimbo S (jp) wrote: A not particularly inspiring drama in a setting of inspiring proportions. As a result, the film is okay. Mr Biehn's character was something of an enigman, and suffered from being the rash and carefree one out of the pairing of Harold and himself, yet he was the sensible and focussed one compared to the rest of the climbers. This was odd, as too was the fact that at the end, one man was content to throw in the towel, when he could have persevered at absolutely no further risk. Overall, the film is good if you like mountains, otherwise perfectly average.

Robin D (jp) wrote: A typical Burt Reynolds goof off movie.

Gavin P (jp) wrote: A very touching look at the ravages of 'war' (if you can call it that) in Africa. It's hard to believe this was only 20 years ago - and that it still continues to this day in the Congo. Cheadle is excellent as Paul, the hotel manager that the film follows through the genocide - it doesn't get caught up trying to do/show everything, rather just focusing on him, his family & the hotel, which makes it all the more powerful. Nolte's not bad as the UN peacekeeping general either. A very well made drama.

Iyan S (ca) wrote: A funny movie with some awful and some hilarious gags. That's My Boy delivers good comedy but doesn't have a sharp story or memorable acting.

Larry Y (fr) wrote: Worst of the Sho Kosugi ninja movies (not counting Master Ninja).