My Life Is Hell

My Life Is Hell

La naïve et complexée Leah signe par erreur un pacte avec le diable Abargadon. Mais elle est sur les listes du Paradis, aussi l'Archange Gabriel intervientil pour causer la perte du démon. Mais Leah commence à trouver Abargadon séduisant et pas si mauvais que ça. Elle décide de sauver son âme...

A middle-aged single French woman (Balasko) falls in love with an annoying demon (Auteuil). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (kr) wrote: I was wondering how to write a review for this one... One wants very much to like French filmmaker Christophe Barratier's Paris 36. You can find musical numbers which are very enjoyable and actress Nora Arnezeder is a pleasure to watch. The music of the predominantly accordion scores and the cartoonish Parisian setting is precisely what majority of people could imagine when talking about the city of love and romance... but there's something which seems so ingenuine about the whole thing. The style of the film is uncomfortably detached from much of the subject matter. The stoey is set against the backdrop of workers fighting for the right to unionize and the rising anti-Semitic sentiments of 1936, and the film had the potential to be a powerful and frightening historical account, but all this is glossed over with nostalgia. No intensity at all in the situations of social horrors of the period and the film sometimes switches from the children performing in the streets to brutal violence with no change in atmosphere. Imagine someone beat to death with a club after "Edelweise" number from Sound of Music - it's just out of place. It wasn't a bad movie and it is unfortunate that the film suffers from a grievous duality of focus.

Tom M (es) wrote: not a serious movie. a lot of people go into this flick expect a real plot that's funny. it's not. it's a big joke with subtle political messages. it's funny but a little too lacking in seriousness.

Dave S (fr) wrote: Brought to a hospital after finding himself naked ans wounded in a deserted lot. He doesn't know his name or who he is. Slowly he is able to piece some things together, or can he? He does say a name and that he is gay. A young woman re-opens the case to search for truths. Is the truth too hard to remember in detail or was it all a hoax to cover for some thing even more sinister. Yes, I would recommend this film.

Agustin M (fr) wrote: The 19th Godzilla film and it's a somewhat remake of the original Mothra vs. Godzilla. In this one there are two kinds of Mothra, the good spirited one(Original) and an evil one known as Battra. Battra is upset that the humans have ruined nature with pollution and stuff so he goes to ruin civilization and set things right. Mothra comes in to stop Battra's senseless destruction, until they cross paths with Godzilla. This movie mostly deals with these two monsters but Godzilla is thrown into the mix, but it doesn't feel like the movie squeeze Godzilla in to boost sales. The fights are good and the design of Battra is really good, looks and feels demonic. Recommended.

FilmGrinder S (jp) wrote: Depends on how much you like Cosby.

Angie L (jp) wrote: A little boring, but this another classical Danielle Steel's novel. I didn't like the actress (Polly Drapper), she seemed too old for being the protagonist.

Josh T (mx) wrote: better than I expected

Andy N (nl) wrote: I was intrigued by the title and then the back of the case promised me gore, boobs, and more boobs. That's pretty much what I'm looking for in a horror film, and while the premise is interesting--the jokes just fall flat, the gore is barely there, and there's about as much boobs as a made for TV Lifetime movie. You can rent a lot worse for a dollar at Family Video but you can also rent much better.