My Man Godfrey

My Man Godfrey

A zany heiress tries to help a tramp by making him the family butler.

A scatterbrained socialite hires a vagrant as a family butler...but there's more to Godfrey than meets the eye. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (ru) wrote: A Christmas adventureSally and Nick are normal little boys and girls who cannot wait for Christmas. It is Christmas Eve and they are so excited they could burst; however, their evening is about to get crazy when the Cat in the Hat arrives. The Cat tells them about a baby reindeer from his party who needs to return to the North Pole. The children, the Cat and the Hat, and the Cat's friends (including Thing 1 and Thing 2), will work together to save the reindeer."Welcome to the party of the year."Tony Collingwood and Steve Neilson, who collaborated on the television series The Cat and the Hat know a lot about That, delivers The Cat and the Hat know a lot about Christmas! The storyline for this animated picture was just okay and seemed like an excuse to make a Dr. Seuss special rather than an effort to make a classic like How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The animation style was polished and better than the old time Dr. Seuss gems."Together we get the job done."We grabbed this off Netflix this holiday season and watched it with my daughter. She adored the film and thought it was clever but I felt it was very average and just ho-hum. Overall, this is worth watching with your child once but I wouldn't add it to their DVD collection (a little like Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2)."Now we need more ice cream to fill it up."Grade: C

TheIan E (au) wrote: Amazingly different and scary in places original and brilliant.

David T (it) wrote: A British Institute...For decades it seemed as if you couldn't have a great music scene in the UK without a great label which in turn had to be led by a bunch of lunatics set free from the asylum... Stiff, Factory & Creation...Three almighty labels spanning over three decades and all producing some of the finest bands and artist this country has ever witnessed or heard for that matter.The labels had so much in common with each other...A belief in music and trust in the artist who make this great British music for whom themselves are all a little crazy in their unique ways, A label who will for as long as humanly possible stick a big fat digit up too the majors...A label that cares about the music me and you love, who they love...A label for fans by fans.Creation followed in the footsteps of Stiff and Factory with a DIY ethos, scant regard for the financial aspect of the business and with a burning desire to get bands into the mainstream who otherwise may have been left behind by the big Corporate monster that is the music industry...The roll call of bands that came off the Creation production line is staggering...The Jesus Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, Ride, Oasis, Teenage Fanclub...and many more...Incredible.People say Creation was and will be the last true independent record label...I have to completely disagree with those who believe that statement too be true...We as a nation will always have someone with the burning ambition, love and desire for British music to be holy again...It might take awhile maybe a decade or more but if history has taught us anything then that is we'll always have a subculture in the UK and only a Indie Label can service the needs for this kind underground movement...Creation has left a legacy and a back catologe for fans of the past, the present and the future to delve into and relive and recreate a golden age in British music...Creation Records We Salute You!!!

Greg W (es) wrote: just trashskipthis one

Ryan K (mx) wrote: This movie hooked me from the start with the imagery as it sets the atmosphere and tone before a character recites a line. It is meant to be dark, hopeless, and fairly mundane at times which is what I appreciate. Anything grand or glitzy would've been completely out of place in this story. Great acting here highlighted by Bale & Harrelson. The ending shot reiterates what many of the working class people ask themselves when they face what Russel has faced and lost, "what now", with really no answer in sight or even a hint of an idea where to start.

Pedro S (br) wrote: Gracias a esta peli, tengo ganas de ver ms pelculas de Gus Van Sant.

Tijen C (ca) wrote: It worths to watch the film just to remember the great art of Modigliani. Liked the the soundtrack and the performance of Andy Garcia. Here are some quotes: "When I know your soul, I will paint your eyes". "Tell me Pablo, how do you make love to a cube?""Tell me Modigliani, how does a blind man paint? He paints that nobody sees"

David L (fr) wrote: Perhaps in real life this wd never happen, a Parisian girl abandoning her life for a life on the farm in Rhone Alps, but the story is touching and doesn't dwell on the city slicker in rural france theme. Michel Serrault gives a wonderful portrait of an old codger farmer who's perhapd too stuck in his ways to bend, but its precisely this that makes the relationship convincing and moving.

MariePier D (kr) wrote: Ouhhhhh... j'ai eu peur! Un psychopathe nouveau genre! Genre pas trs peurant... Kristin, reste dans Sex and the city

Donald R (ru) wrote: One of the Best Movies I've seen. 5 stars from me

Stephen M (fr) wrote: The main character was wonderfully acted by Jeff Bridges, unfortunately the film's story was too scattered out trying to cover too much of a timeline. The overall cast is well performed, I just didn't care all that much for the direction of the film, it seemed low grade. The story could have been more entertaining than what got delivered. Still not an overall bad attempt.

Ryan S (us) wrote: Boring, vulgar, pointless

Andres V (it) wrote: Fessenden is my current favorite indie genre director. With No Telling he was able to beautifully weave a story about animal and environmental cruelty with Frankenstien. He he works with the vampire mythos and it works undboubtly. The idea of a vampires looking for lonely drunks in New York works better than you think. NOT a B movie as I read one reviewer post. The sex and violence all work in inhancing the plot.

John H (it) wrote: "The film evokes a mood of reverie, elegy and meditation." Said by reviewer Roger Ebert who believes that the movie "Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders deserves four stars for its excellence of being a great movie. In contrast, is the film also excellent in confusing its audience? It is almost a guarantee that whoever views this film for the first time will not understand the actual perspective of the director. From the perception of displaying the movie in black and white to the angels that are watching over the city, and no, these are not the same angels with the golden halos and majestic arrays of white happening all around them either. This gives the audience a perspective of life through the eyes of an angel.The movie begins by introducing two angels, Damiel and Cassiel played by Bruno Ganz and Otto Sander, following these two spirits as they watch over the city of Berlin. Their overall characterization would have been misinterpreted if it were not for the beautiful white wings that were being shown on Damiel's back as he was looking over Berlin. It is strange to classify them with the name angels seeing that no human can be saved by their presence. They can only observe and arrive at the times where hope seems to be obsolete. Such as the trapeze artist being afraid of falling, or when there was a man shown jumping from the side of the building. Their dull characteristics exemplify how they are not merely two guardian angels that are full of life and happiness; their only agenda is to observe. Noticing how their characters are not speaking when they come across the humans, only being able to speak to one another in the German language implies the notion of the two angels portraying the feeling of a dead spirit among the humans. The projected setting for this movie was superb in coinciding with the mood the director wanted the audience to feel. Dating the movie back to the time where Berlin was battling through the Holocaust and other historic tragedies, displayed a city that was distraught and in dire need of rescuing. The rough streets and buildings that are in the process of rebuilding or construction show the struggle that this city was going through. Therefore, stresses directly towards Damiel and Cassiel's performances in only being noted as spectators to what the world is coming to. Their bland facial expressions towards every occurrence in the movie assure that they have seen it all and now Damiel is ready to feel what it is like to be human. This was due to the switching of the film showing in black and white to color during the movie. This switch allowed the audience to see a glimpse into the vision of what these particular angels would see if they were human. Showing emphasis that they are merely dead spirits that see in black and white. Having that change of scenery was a sure indication that there is still life to be found in this film. The one area where the movie explores its complexity was in the plot. There is no designed plot for this film. That could easily be depicted through the cinematography work for this film. Showing floating views over cities, the fast angle changes for a particular scene, in addition to the glides through certain areas. "It does not intrude; it observes" Roger Ebert states in amusement to this area of the film. The plot of this story grows old and slow, but the audience could never become impatient because no one can predict the next possible stage in the movie. So many instances happen in "Wings of Desire" that one can become clueless to what may happen next. From the amount of camera changes and scene switches, it seems as if they are showing a normal day in Berlin, Germany. This is what makes the plot intriguing yet complicated to those watching. There is no possible way that you cannot be engaged into this film because of the amount of complex symbolism and difficult comprehension it possesses. It is as if you are seduced into this movie. It draws in a crowd by forcing one to think for a deeper meaning in the director's intentions of the film with an intellectual mindset.

Damian H (au) wrote: Now what to say about this film, i was 1 yr old when this was released and i wish i was older enough to watch it then because i love this film, boris is amazingly funny. i could watch this film over and over if you never watched this film my advice now is the time, due to all the shit movies they make now days this is a must WATCH film

P P (de) wrote: The first film of the so called British New Wave - Finney, in his first major film role at 23 is a revelation as Arthur a defiant, angry young man without a hope of escape from working class drudgery. This movie is bleak but mesmerizing. Based on the novel by Allan Sillitoe.

jay n (de) wrote: The color for this obviously set bound Western is gorgeous, the feature's best feature, but the rest is on the hokey side.

peter h (us) wrote: THE APE MAN (1943): now this is one deliciously campy skid row "B" horror from the 1940's with the great Bela Lugosi in the lead role. The Ape Man see once again Lugosi type casted as the villain once again but this time he is a victim of his own experiment, after somehow truing himself into a part human/ part ape creature needs human spinal fluids to change himself back into a human. With the help of a gorilla, Lugosi's character commits murders to obtain the fluids but the police and a clichd couple of this type of film stand in his way. Like I've mentioned this is one deliciously campy film with a massive Lugosi who-looks-like- Abraham Lincoln- Ape Man fighting a Gorilla. 5/10 cheesy beyond all believe.

Alexander C (ag) wrote: Would like to see at some stage.