My Mother's Friend

My Mother's Friend

A woman (Barbara Bouchet), who has just separated from her husband, comes to stay at the villa of the friend. The friend is away (and throughout the whole movie only appears as a voice on the phone), but the woman's goofy son (who looks like he just escaped from the Monkees) is staying there too. The son falls for her, not surprisingly since she always dresses in skimpy miniskirts or bikinis, and rarely closes the door when she is changing clothes or showering.

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Nick K (de) wrote: Great movie, well acted look at two mothers, one from the US and one from UK who each lose their sons to malaria and are compelled to take action in the fight of malaria in Africa

Paul B (mx) wrote: A quite extraordinary film about sever Trappist monks based in a poor Algerian village where they have had a presence for many years. As violence in the country erupts into civil war they must decide whether to stay or leave. Remarkably shot, acted & directed this is a powerful, tense film where a look can often say a thousand words. It is exceptional & almost perfect.

Luciene C (ag) wrote: Andr (C) Dussollier carrega o filme. E bem.

Matthew R (jp) wrote: This movie was complete crap!!

Vasco M (jp) wrote: Incredible way to expound upon the ending to the first anime. The inclusion of our world was a major - HUMONGOUS is the word - additional feature to the universe, and it's the movie everyone never knew they needed. It ties up a few loose ends and keeps some of the ever ongoing charm while operating under some of the most brutal and depressing events the characters have gone through.

Janlle M (it) wrote: good chick flick, and the guys won't mind it much cause there's some army stuff.

Key O (de) wrote: stu went crazy in this movie my favorite`

Mariana G (nl) wrote: Its incredible to live, feel and see like a Vietnamese for 112 mins. Landscapes, traditions and colors are involving.

jesse k (it) wrote: Powerful and sublime. Truly a remarkable film. I was mesmerized from the start.

Daniel W (de) wrote: Huge, huge battle scenes that any epic filmmaker today would be proud of, all done without CGI! Christopher Plummer makes a good Wellington, but I'd like to see another film made of this - Wellington and Napoleon is one of history's greatest clashes of two great minds.

Stephen S (ca) wrote: By-the-numbers horror/monster film but quite imaginative and effective. Scared the piss out of me when I was a kid. Love the surprise ending!

Haydn W (ru) wrote: Still not very good 25 years on. "crew expendable"