My Name Is Lenny

My Name Is Lenny

The life story of one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as "the Guv'nor."

The life story of one of Britain's most notorious bare-knuckle fighters, Lenny McLean, also known as "the Guv'nor." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (gb) wrote: A promising and hilarious start (the dream sequence was an absolute riot of puns) but it gets old quickly and eventually comes to a real rushed and shitty end.

Spencer H (ca) wrote: Spielberg is a great director and he continues to make great movies like this.

Edith N (fr) wrote: Two! Two! Two reviews in one! Okay, so I haven't seen the Hal Holbrook production in a [i]really[/i] long time--though I did add it to my library hold list this evening. It's not available on DVD, and Amazon wants something like $80 for a VHS copy. And I can't just borrow it from Mr. Garden anymore as we borrowed it when he was still one of my teachers. He's roughly 1000 miles away. But I do like it better than the recent Newman production. For one, the guy playing George in the Newman looked funny. Robby Benson's no heartthrob, but he didn't look flat weird. And while, yes, several of the Holbrook cast members turn out to have been on [i]Law & Order[/i] since, and yes, Mrs. Garrett is in it, I went through the entire cast list of the Newman and found something like half a dozen people--and that including Newman and Curtin--who [i]hadn't[/i] been on one franchise or another of it, and in many cases several. (That show is awfully fond of recycling actors.) It's hard, now, to put into words why I like the one better than the other. Yes, part of it is my deep fondness of Robby Benson. Another part of it is that the not-sets were better, I think. But I think the Holbrook cast just sold it better. My affection for Robby Benson is partly [i]because[/i] he sold George Gibbs so. I [i]believed[/i] that he wanted to be a farmer on Uncle Luke's farm. The play is a bit of a specialized taste. It's not everyone who has a taste for the not-sets. It's not everyone who gets Thornton Wilder's style. Still, I do feel it's pretty universal in flavour. As I said in my review of [i]OT[/i], it's about life. It's about people being born, growing up, getting married, and dying. I'm just glad no one since the original (screenplay actually by Thornton Wilder) has changed the ending. It loses its strength when you do that.

Edward K (kr) wrote: Ilona & I just came back from this very enjoyable film but one out of every four seemed not to like it according to Rotten Tomatoes. Had coffee at Paneria's but the cerny patk didn't wait for his treat when I came out. Can't blame him, it's too frigging hot here!

FiFi C (ru) wrote: If you wanna see how good and dirty Puerto Ricans dance then watch this movie LOL. Vico C got OWNED bahahahahahahahahahahaha

Simeon D (ca) wrote: Emotional documentary about the innocence of youth in national feuds. Powerful and informative. 97/100

Viktor B (es) wrote: A classic of anime and a visual thrill ride that also has a decent plot. While not everyone has read the novels on which Ds big screen adventures are based, this is a film that truly gave him a status as an icon. One of the best dark fantasy films ever made that while based in spectacle does not lack substance. Badass is the only accurate term to describe it.

Alan S (es) wrote: Although not compare with the original, this sequel is entertaining and makes its predecessor clichs and Alfredo Hitchcock.

Frit F (ag) wrote: Tracy Flick and politics can kill themselves. HOWEVER, this is a hot film.

Daryl T (au) wrote: Dated movie with inspirational performance by Sally Field

Nik M (de) wrote: Bizarre and twisted with its production values, Histoires Extraordinaires contains quite the visionary appeal in adapting the Edgar Allan Poe stories. There is much to consider and much to admire.

Jessica H (ru) wrote: laughable,but not without certain charms. I can imagine that this would have been a treat for it's time.

Karsh D (us) wrote: A 40 year old man finds a loophole in the rules and enters spelling bees .

Bridanya E (ru) wrote: Truly the sketchiest movie I've ever seen

Jaime L (gb) wrote: I recognize how people can like this film but for me I couldn't maintain any interest, looking at the genres listed on this site I can't agree with it as I didn't find Beginners to be either comedic or dramatic. Lukewarm water is all it is.

Chris C (gb) wrote: Drew Barrymore's ass,Sam Rockwell's showboating and Crispin Glover being creepy.....those are the best parts of a good movie based on a tepid TV show

Rendan L (ca) wrote: Unlike the first Ghost Rider there's real character here. Neveldine and Taylor infuse this horribly nonsensical, bland script with self aware comedic value and over the top fun action. Grade: C+