My Name is Nobody

My Name is Nobody

Jack Beauregard, one of the greatest gunman of the Old West, only wants to retire in peace and move to Europe. But a young gunfighter, known as "Nobody", who idolizes Beauregard, wants him to go out in glory. So he arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history.

The movie follows young, ambitious gunman Nobody as he worships and competesĀ aging legendary gunslinger Jack Beauregard, who's intent on sailing off into retirement. Nobody thenĀ arranges for Jack to face the 150-man gang known as The Wild Bunch and earn his place in history. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (ca) wrote: Grade:Higher 3/10The Cold Light of Day is an action thriller that serves up well, not that much in all truth. With some slightly rousing action and most of the OK acting coming from those who are minor and I mean minor characters, there aren't many points I can think of when trying to compliment this movie. In this I will explain why this is just simply not good and although I find some movies much worse than this I did think this to be just about bad, and here below is why I felt that way about it.The story is pretty silly at times and although starts in a promising way just starts to fade and fade and barely hangs on to it's bad rating by the end. The action is seen throughout but when it is there you don't want it and then it isn't there when you really need a bit of a thrill. It has some twists I guess but when they happen they just don't make you more interested at all and although it starts off as a promising mystery, it never builds on that well at all.Henry Cavill is not so good in this and although it may be some of the directors fault, he is just too unbelievable as a character and too stale really. Bruce Willis is a bit of a wild card just to add in a big name and along with Sigourney Weaver provide the big star quality, that never actually happens and both are two of the worst points in this entire movie. I said about the extras and they actually outdo the main actors, some of the people we see in this are kind of raw and new characters who relieve some of the poor acting.Mabrouk El Mechri does not direct in a way that we should be seeing in film, it is so lazy and underdone it feels improvised by the actors or as if they saw the script and just played it out there own way. On the point of the script it also is not of the right quality and although not the worst thing doesn't help this movie in getting off the ground. The fight scenes are well done to be fair and although implausible at times, still quite good to look at even if in a dull part of the movie.Like what I said about the fights, the action is actually not too shabby and one of the major points when trying to find positivity about this film are the car chases which are kind of cool. I really liked the setting of this movie in truth, not just the coast line and the sea but the city of Madrid provides a beautiful back drop in bits to the uneventful movie, a good tip, if you find yourself getting bored just admire the beautiful architecture.I think if you really enjoy a good old action fest then you may like this but then again you may be bored out your mind when it comes to it's long dialogue and uneventful moments. I can see why some would like this mostly from the view it is just good fun and although I didn't feel that way about it I certainly wouldn't expect everyone who see's this to dislike it so I guess just go and give it a go if anything.Overall I give this a higher kind of 3/10 and I felt that it was Just About a Bad movie. It isn't all bad I admit and is not awful either but still needs to do a lot more to even just be an average movie let alone OK. Give it a go as I mentioned, you may find a gem of a film that not many people liked where as some may also turn it off in the first 10 minutes, just whatever you think of it, try to enjoy your 93 minutes.

William T (de) wrote: The only good parts where when Loki got dragged to hell and when Deadpool said "Could you give me a hand?).

Jordan B (ag) wrote: A cool movie. Trial scenes are done in animation, based off of court transcripts; '68 convention stuff is mostly archival footage, with some animation mixed in. The sometimes-modern soundtrack plays off interestingly -- for example, Eminem's anthem against Bush ("Mosh") is the score for handheld video footage of the August 28 attempted march to the Amphitheater. The movie simplifies various aspects of both the '68 convention week and the Chicago 10 trial. Maybe that was necessary. But the movie also ends pretty abruptly, and does the whole resolution-via-scrolling-text thing -- not necessary, and unfortunate (especially in a film that is so extraordinarily creative in other ways).

Tyler s (jp) wrote: Not a bad movie but was'nt the greatest movie. It had a few funny moments.

Shane M (au) wrote: Very funny performances from Broderick and DeVito. Very funny, and has heart in it too.

David Z (nl) wrote: I have long since been a fan of Dutcher's work but nothing prepared me for this one. Sure, the acting isn't always as strong as it could be, but my goodness is this an ambitious film. Covered with questions about faith, it ends with the greatest cinematic praise of Christ I have ever seen. Its ultimate message, that even I can be saved, must be seen by everyone.

Dyron W (ru) wrote: Questionable at times but very amusing, John Singelton's Baby Boy is a grounded urban drama held together by good performances (those being Tyrese Gibson, in his first film role, Ving Rhames and a pre-fame Taraji P. Henson) and genuinely funny moments.

Private U (kr) wrote: I found this a bit less accessible that some of Kiarostami's other works. A lot of the scenes are truely beautiful, and some of the ways it was filmed were actually rather interesting. But, it seemed a bit too drawn out, and in the end I didn't really feel like I got a lot out of it. Perhaps I will attempt another viewing some day.

Erin D (de) wrote: all these people are really growing on me! I need to see what happens to them! i'm so enthralled in this film series, it should be on everyone's watch list.

Paco Z (ca) wrote: Had a good laugh though...

Calum B (br) wrote: I just managed to finally watch this film tonight on YouTube and yay I finally got to see The Munsters in living colour. Back in 1966 it was the fans hopes that the success of this film would have saved the TV series from cancellation. In my opinion the first series was the best whereas the second series had lack of comedy and was less appealing. Debbie Watson was a cute perky teenager. But casting her in a role that belonged to Pat Priest, was a big mistake that angered Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis. This choice also left me downright angry, but Watson played her role well. The film lived up to it's claims. It was hilarious. It was everything that the series was, except only it was in living colour (and there was no canned laughter). If you love The Munsters, you'll love Munster Go Home.

Crystal W (de) wrote: Love Elvis haven't had time to see any of his movies but plan on it someday.

Jonathan F (au) wrote: Un ancien projet de Fritz Lang, o l'rotisme et l'orientalisme, les couleurs vives, ecartent Lang de ses dbuts expressionnistes.

Ryan G (gb) wrote: Decent wouldn't watch again, or really recommend it to anyone. But Foxx's performance was commendable

Angel900 r (ca) wrote: I love you monster high

Ricardo Junior S (au) wrote: This classic of Blaxploitation era is a very good adaptation of gangsters movies from the 30's and 40's. Fred Williamson has the look and presence to shine in this kind of vehicle. Put Pam Grier here and you would have a blaxploitatioin masterpiece.

R d (gb) wrote: timeless classic...not as scare in today's standard