My Piece of the Pie

My Piece of the Pie

France, a factory worker, lives with her three daughters in Dunkirk. The factory where she worked has been closed, leaving France and all of her workmates without a job. She decides to go to Paris to look for work. There she finds a cleaning job at the home of a rich man, Steve, whose world is radically different from her own. As their paths keep crossing, she discovers that her employer played a part in closing the factory in Dunkirk...

After losing her job at a local factory, a single mother enrolls in a housekeeper training program, soon landing work cleaning the Paris apartment of handsome but cocky power broker. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jessica R (nl) wrote: Loved it, all around great family movie. This one you don't want to miss. Good lessen on love, undrestanding and forgiveness :-)

Justin J (ag) wrote: FSaw this one night on SyFy. I hated every minute of it, but for some odd reason, I kept watching. The effects were terrible and the acting was just as good as the effects were (;

Jake P (kr) wrote: Laid to Rest serves to deliver an authentic slasher experience, with creative kills centering on a well maintained theme of knife play. I found myself coming to root for Chromeskull almost as much as our protagonists as he cleaved his way into my heart as an iconic and unique slasher villain.

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simon S (it) wrote: I love this movie flat out plus this is how I meet Norman reedus

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Michael K (gb) wrote: This made for TV sequel to 1967's The Dirty Dozen is basically a rehash of the first one. It also spawned another 2 sequels in the same vain.Stars Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine.

Jon D (es) wrote: Classic from my childhood, and still is one of my favorites. All the characters rock, and the craziness ties in well!

Craig L (fr) wrote: Ah, Victorian picnics. Restraint, cakes, tea, and mysterious disunion.

Evan J (us) wrote: I wonder what would've happened to Justin Bieber if he was wondering the streets during this race?

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Eric V (de) wrote: This is an extremely stupid movie.

TonyPolito (jp) wrote: Powerful mid-Century drama, starring a full boat of A-listers, delivering a plotline dwelling on what's gone wrong with American industry.Mr. Bullard, president of Tredway Furniture, drops dead on Wall Street, leaving no groomed heir apparent in place. In 24 hours, the Board meets to appoint one - and the five key men (manufacturing, finance, sales, research & development and accounting) start jockeying for position. Bean-counter Fredrick March holds a night-school degree and a myopic, numbers-driven view of the company. He takes the lead out of the gate by hitting below the belt with every punch. He had already talked Prez Bullard into building junk, instead of quality furniture, just to save a dime on paper - and he has also been gunning to take back monies spent on R&D toward future product as well.The R&D manager (William Holden) holds a quite different vision for the growth of the company, one based on product quality and product innovation. Will he play for the corner pocket office, and if he does, can he take it?There's a solid five-star cast for its day - March, Holden, June Allyson, Barbara Stanwyck, Walter Pidgeon and Shelley Winters. And there's a script almost totally driven by intelligent dialogue regarding how a company ought best be run. One factory worker cuts to the chase, shaking a flimsy occasional table and asking "What happened to Bullard? What will happen to all of US?" The film's payoff is a boardroom battle of wills and rousing words that will persuade any reasonable viewer as to which is the better future for Tredway - and for any corporation. This 1953 film was extraordinarily visionary in well anticipating the rise of finance/accounting driven management - and the decline of quality product and operations - in the central role of Western corporations. First out on DVD in late 2007. Oliver Stone delivers an insightful commentary track. RECOMMENDATION: A must-see for any viewer wishing to better understand the shortcomings of current Western management philosophy. Said another way, watch this, and when you're done, you'll understand a lot more about why the American economy is in the toilet today.

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