My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl

Based on a series of true stories posted by Ho-sik Kim on the Internet describing his relationship with his girlfriend. These were later transformed into a best-selling book and the movie follows the book closely. It describes the meeting of Kyun-woo and an unnamed girl. Kyun-woo is shamed into assisting the girl because the other passengers mistakenly think she is his girlfriend.

A college student (Tae-hyun Cha) becomes involved with a self-centered young woman (Ji-hyun Jun) who humiliates him at every turn. Once he helps her, he develops a deep sense of responsibility for her which enables him to tolerate the girl's abuses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norman F (es) wrote: An uplifting story told brilliantly. I teared up. Never thought anime could be so emotional.

Cade H (au) wrote: Sam Rockwell is starting to become a favorite of mine as he portrays crazy characters, such as this pharmacist who ends up turning bad, in Better Living Through Chemistry. The film starts off basic but soon Rockwell starts taking some of the meds he sells, having an affair and going crazy in the small town he lives in. It is fun to watch unfold and the supporting cast is not only likable but all stand out in their own right. Some parts work really, while others do not but all together the film was enjoyable and provided a good 90 minutes of movie watching.

Andr D (es) wrote: Quelques trs bons moments de rire. Heureusement qu'il y a la prsence de Didier Bourdon... les autres font de la figuration.

Christopher R (ca) wrote: Amazing storyline. Sad and meaningful. The action sequences were pretty primitive and at times really lame but overall it was a good movie. The music was great too.

seema s (mx) wrote: intrestng movie suspence

rosemarie s (mx) wrote: good & real about cultural traditions & thinking... enjoyable music...

Doug G (de) wrote: Not their best effort.

LDy (it) wrote: I realy injoyed watching that movie

Max P (it) wrote: 1 star for paul walker

Arya T (us) wrote: This movie was completely pointless, flat and boring. The beginning of it looked like it could hold promise, but after one "scene", the rest is anticlimactic - you wait forever for it to "get good", and it never does. The ending would also have had a lot more impact if there was more substance involved between the beginning and end, but no.

Dawn F (ag) wrote: I was surprised by the poor reviews this movie received. I thought the effects were great! Every time I watch the part with the airplane, I get chills. It has suspense and good progression, though some parts are not very realistic if such an event were to happen. I like that it pulls in a spiritual side ever so slightly, still leaving anyone to stand on their beliefs no matter what they are, because even in an ending like this, it's faith that leads us to knowing.

Andrew C (ru) wrote: This guy has balls of steel

Camille L (de) wrote: C'est sans doute surnoter Girl 6 que de lui donner une note si importante mais le film temoigne d'une reelle envie de nouveaute de la part de Spike Lee (qui realisait pour la premiere fois un film non tire d'un de ses scenarios) avec une mise en scene si originale et un casting si etonnant (Theresa Randle, premier role, y cotoie des habitues comme Isaiah Washington et des guests comme Quentin Tarantino ou Madonna) qu'on ne peut que saluer de telles tentatives de cinema. Dommage que le propos soit aussi vide.

Jason J (it) wrote: Fantastic mix of gore and martial arts.

Archibald T (ca) wrote: Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away is a generational star ship full of frustrated muscle bound, and face, men with seedy intentions and stupid, stupid acting. Since the spaceship is a generational one, it usually means that you're born and you die on that ship while never be setting foot on a planet. I guess Mars, Pluto, Venus, Mercury, Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn were not of any interest to them. They're obviously from Earth. There is one thing that this movie DOES answer and that's the age old question of there being other planets out there. In this film the answer is no. There is no other planets. Since being on this spaceship really sucks, a certain dude is looking to conspire against the ship's captain (who looks like Santa Claus) and get off this ship thanks to the wiccan pirates that have come aboard. These sexy females who use their minds to speak their words that don't come out of their mouths somehow help the evil dude to distract the Captain along with every one else on the ship while he changes the course of the ship to a certain galactic system that may have an actual planet on it. He's doing it for a good cause even though he's going about it in a really wrong way. Kind of like a hostage situation except if you hold your own family hostage just because you want to go to Disney World only to find out that your family was planning on a trip to Disney World anyway. (Shrugs) Serves well for an action packed adventure in space even though it would be perfect for the Homoerotic Sci/Fi genre. All the men, including the hero played by Reb Brown, are your typical 80s douchebags. They're the types you'd expect to be beating off to the movie Road House while getting a sun tan. There are women in the film though. You do get the wiccan women pirates who just keep doing the wiccan work-out of moving around and waving their arms as if worshipping the everlasting gobstopper. The actors involved give the wonderful script the stilted dialogue it truly deserved. The production values are seriously warehouse worthy and in one big chase scene involving Enforcer vehicles you could easily make out the craftmanship of what they're driving in: bowling-alley floor polishers. They do give off mighty explosions when crashed into other "Enforcer vehicles".One of the worst sci/fi films to ever come out of South Africa since Invictus. (Please note: Invictus isn't a sci/fi film, but I will say I would rather watch THIS film instead of THAT film. Like it matters. I know. But just sending it out there. Brought to you by Nuts...Peanuts. That is all.)

Daryl K (ag) wrote: The weakest of the original 'Apes' series; I contend, because its television movie-like budget actually hinders delivering a more satisfying conclusion. Roddy McDowall's "Caesar" is still interesting, and many of the themes here are as well.

Penny K (br) wrote: Anthony Perkins is oddly sweet as a psycopath who unfortunately meets his match in a sweet-looking piece of evil. The movie soundtrack shrieks late 1960's, but it's an oddity worth seeing.

Super K (kr) wrote: ok I just love bette davis.

Greg W (mx) wrote: based on a play by lillian hellman about nazis and spies in WWII

Anita T (gb) wrote: Carell carries the film