My Son the Fanatic

My Son the Fanatic

Pakistani taxi-driver Parvez and prostitute Bettina find themselves trapped in the middle when Islamic fundamentalists decide to clean up their local town.

Pakistani taxi-driver Parvez and prostitute Bettina find themselves trapped in the middle when Islamic fundamentalists decide to clean up their local town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cassandra M (us) wrote: This was such bad acting. Their son looked to be 20 and acting like he was 10.

Hugh J (au) wrote: Holy Heck that movie was awful, I almost fell asleep watching it. on the bright side, me and my friends get to make jokes about how awful it was.

Luis C (au) wrote: Love! why not?! It's Beyonc. ....Jennifer. .....Eddie. ......Jamie! !!!

Adrian B (fr) wrote: A wonderfully dynamic performance from Spacey depicting the extraordinary life of the incredible Mr. Darin.

Simon D (kr) wrote: Quite a good post-war film although I'm not sure that it shows the soldiers in such a good light, especially as we are given a "what they are doing now" section at the end, suggesting that this was a true story. Entertaining film though.

Robert H (it) wrote: GOTHIC, directed by Ken Russell, is a rather interesting film that deals with, among other things, the dark side of creativity and imagination. More specifically, it's about the night when Mary Shelley came up with the idea that she would later turn into the novel "Frankenstein." By and large, the performances are quite good, although I didn't really care for Julian Sands. However, the story was almost non-existent and ephemeral, existing merely to have a bunch of people go around saying stuffy lines and get scared out of their wits by creatures borne of their imaginations. Granted, some of these sequences and images were haunting and surreal, but it all added up to a lot of style with very little substance. As far as the score is concerned, I thought that the work Thomas Dolby did was impeccable as far as its musical quality, but some of the cues didn't really fit (to me) with this kind of period piece. The story takes place in the early 19th century, but a lot of the music sounded very 1980's with synthesizers and programmed drums. It's a score that I'd buy, but I'm not too sure that it completely fit the film. From a technical standpoint, I thought it was very well-made, i.e., it was well-lit and the shot composition was varied. There were also some Dutch angles that accentuated the disorienting feel the filmmakers seemed to be going for. Overall, if you're looking for a well-told story that has characters you care about and identify with, this might not be the best choice for you. However, if you like heavily stylized and surreal horror, this will probably suit your fancy.

Benot R (mx) wrote: Etant donn que le film est compos de six mini-rcits, tous lis par la guerre en Italie du dbarquement amricain la libration, autant en parler indpendamment. Le tout premier rcit dcrit la rencontre des Amricains avec les Italiens. Les rticences des uns, les problmes de langue, et on en passe. Sans oublier que les Allemands sont encore l. C'est un bon rcit. Le second rcit est la rencontre d'un jeune italien avec un soldat noir. Choix opportun car l'amricain va se rendre compte de la pauvret de l'Italie cause de la guerre. Une situation que le Noir connait bien puisqu'ils n'ont toujours que peu de droit dans leur pays. L'pisode le plus mouvant. Le troisime pisode, je n'ai pas bien compris ce que voulait dire Rossellini part que des liaisons amoureuses pouvaient se crer entre Amricains et Italiennes. Idem pour le quatrime rcit qui est une jeune amricaine qui recherche un partisan italien. Pour moi les deux pisodes les plus faibles, plombant le film. La partie sur la foi est bien faite et le dernier rcit, sur les massacres des Allemands commis est fait en toute sobrit, sans diabolisation de l'ennemi. Probablement le meilleur avec les deux premiers. Au final, l'ensemble se tient et donne un film agrable regarder mais bien loin du chef-d'oeuvre annonc.

Prattay S (mx) wrote: it was good and funny... the casting was good too

Fallon O (gb) wrote: I just didn't care for it. I love the grinch though, this one just wasn't that entertaining. I want to see the new remake it looks way better then this!

anders k (us) wrote: I enjoyed it as a kid.

Spookie M (de) wrote: One of my favourites as a kid. This scared the hell out of me. Now it is a delightfully cheesy piece of trash! Tawny Kitaen sure looked 80's hot!

Ray J (fr) wrote: A classic for nostalgia and oldie music buffs alike. The acting was kind of wooden and insincere, but the movie was alot of fun to watch.