My Soul To Take

My Soul To Take

A serial killer returns to his hometown to stalk seven children who share the same birthday as the date he was allegedly put to rest.

Set in Riverton town, the film is about a notorious crime who vowed that he would come back to kill seven childs born on the day he died. 16 years later, there are many secret cases in the town. Is the crime reincarnated as one of seven childs or he still lives until that day. Only one child knows the answer . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alie F (au) wrote: Owsome movie must see...!!!!

Lovro H (br) wrote: I really like parkour and I thought this movie is going to be awesome! And honestly it was pretty good! Filled with intense moments, action and parkour. The story was blank, there wasn't much told exactly but the movie itself is pretty good! The parkour lovers will enjoy it a lot, but others might not enjoy it so much.

Wayde N (ru) wrote: Kitano's ability to balance the sentimentality with understated humour is always a joy to watch, and this tale of the life of a determined artist is no exception. The third in his recent trilogy of "personally focused metaphorical biographies" (for lack of a better term) is an endearing look at a young boy who dreams of becoming an artist and the support of his loving ever patient wife.

Ashley T (mx) wrote: I was hoping for something raw and haunting like Argentina's XXY. Instead, this sexual identity crisis entry from Romania was kind of boring.

Agata R (gb) wrote: nawet penelope nie pomog?a tej g?owie

Derrick W (ca) wrote: Man, I really enjoyed this movie! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a romantic comedy that doesn't resort to cynical humor and gives you characters that you are rooting for in the end.

Private U (au) wrote: Taut, engaging and sometimes illogical, this time travel effort is not the best movie on the subject but it definately ain't the worst. What I like was that when they go back in time, it's them, not them watching doubles of themselves. That's a gimmick not used often. Overall good action, well produced chase scenes and over all just plain fun.

Therese O (ca) wrote: Great 60's thriller. Michael Caine cannot be matched in this film. Some of the parts drag on a bit too much, but if you're a fan of the cliche 60s burglar film, this is a good one to watch. There's lots of bad love scenes, as well! What's with people not moving their heads?

Syl V (mx) wrote: Pretty funny! I like the first half of the movie, especially the scene that stars Stephen Chow and the chemistry teacher.

Reiyan B (kr) wrote: Great movie about unconditional love. Very believable acting as expected with any movie with Clark Gable. And also with every Gable movie, the dialogue is classic. "Do your eyes bother you...because they sure bother me." What a pimp.

John T (us) wrote: Some punk rockers fall and love and roam the streets doing... not much..Not overly excited about this one. Strong cast, but shitty move.