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Henry Durand is a young federal agent who is given a difficult assignment: spy on his mother and her boyfriend who is suspected of leading a gang of art thieves.

Henry Durand is a young federal agent who is given a difficult assignment: spy on his mother and her boyfriend who is suspected of leading a gang of art thieves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve K (ca) wrote: The story was a little slow, but much more realistic. The acting was great with a surprisingly great performance by Vanessa Hudgens ... who knew she could actually act???

Sarah E (mx) wrote: I've seen this film but I honestly can't remember the storyline that well need to watch it again but it was really good!

Carl M (ru) wrote: Not since the days of Clive Barker and Shin'ya Tsukamoto has a film produced such horribly twisted sexuality, blurring the lines of pleasure and pain in a series of LITTLE DEATHS. The anthology feature begins with an affluent couple who share a particular taste for homeless women, but they get more than they bargained for when they invite Sorrow into their home. Next, a former prostitute creates a psychic link with an undead Nazi drone after taking an experimental drug made from its hallucinogenic seed. Lastly, a couple's role-playing adventures are pushed too far, forcing one of them to lash out in bloody revenge! Shocking, perverse, yet oddly alluring, LITTLE DEATHS is impossible to look away from. There is no telling what direction any of the stories will take as they dive into the deepest and darkest regions of human desire. The extreme nature of the shorts might make the film inaccessible to most audiences, but for all of the disturbing imagery displayed on screen, we are met with sharp cinematography and wicked performances from the entire cast. Experience the ultimate sexual shocker for yourself in LITTLE DEATHS!-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Dave C (au) wrote: If you are a fan of Adam Sandler I think Blended hits all of the familiar notes. One (possibly different) note is that it comes across as kind of an old fashioned family film. If it is something that concerns you, Blended has no offensive language and little in the way of toilet humour (save for a bit with teenage hormones). It is a Sandler movie where the kid actors can probably get away with watching it with their parents. The chemistry of reuniting Barrymore and Sandler seems to be intact. At the very least they seem to be having fun with the movie. And that is really what this. Nothing too serious, kind of warmhearted, and a lesser version of the Wedding Singer. Again, those who hate Sandler will likely brush this one off, but if you are a fan I think it's half decent.

Nina D (es) wrote: This is by far the best based on a true story movie, I have ever seen. It opens ur eyes to what is actually happening, to get those precious diamonds. You pay money and they pay with their lives more often then not. If ur soo interested in diamond jewelry get conflict free ones.

Rossmary S (de) wrote: El corazon tiene dimensiones de un puo y su forma es semejante a 1 pera con la punta hacia abajo. El corazon es el organo que simboliza el amor. Sigue el ritmo de las emociones. Normalmente en 1 persona adulta el corazon se contrae entre 60 y 70 veces por minuto pero el de una persona enamorada muchas mas. A veces llega hasta 100 sin que ni si quiera se de cuenta. El corazn es el ultimo organo en rendirse. Continua latiendo incluso cuando est separado del organismo. Incluso cuando te abandona la persona amada. Incluso cuando ya no quieres sufrir mas. Porque pierdes el control sobre el cuando estas enamorado. Cuando tu corazon late fuerte por otra persona ya no eres tu quien manda, manda el....el hombre no sabe porque se enamora. El hombre se transtorna y punto, a veces se vuelve ridiculo, otras peligroso.... "Aunque no estes enamorado/a con esta pelicula te quedas profundamente apasionado/a si te gusta la pelicula italiana..."A mi me encant...

Angel C (mx) wrote: Great true story about overcoming.

Barbara S (fr) wrote: absolutely adored this film,maybe not to everyones taste but definitely to mine. Reminds me of happy days at Madam Jojos in Amsterdam

Kal X A (us) wrote: A slightly surreal but extremely appealing look into teenage life in early 1980s America which explores many of the era's teenage issues from sex to working to tediously long food lines and people serving fries before they're fully prepared. Many today could see this as an overtly "nostalgic" film, but if it is, it's a pretty damn good nostalgia flick.

Jack G (us) wrote: Truffaut pretty much nails in a docu-drama style childhood (more documentary actually, the 'drama' seems totally organic with the characters) and all of its fun and crazy and awkward and sad dimensions. Hell, he even makes the standard for baby-falling-out-of-a-window scenes in movies, where it actually is suspenseful and and nail-biting, and then super cute when the baby winds up fine after landing in the bushes. Take that Lars von Trier!

Anne F (ag) wrote: Billy is a man in a boring job who has a very active imagination - his lack of grasp of the truth creates all sorts of difficulties. This a wonderfully acted tragicomedy and is seems appropriate that I watched it on the day its writer (Keith Waterhouse) died.

Jeff B (gb) wrote: Not that it was poorly done, I just really don't care for political docudramas.

jon r (ru) wrote: what can i say about his teen comedy movie sophie turner is hot and gorgeous