My Tale Is Hot

My Tale Is Hot

The devil emerges from the ground in a suburbanite's garden and tries to tempt him with a variety of naked women.

The devil emerges from the ground in a suburbanite's garden and tries to tempt him with a variety of naked women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tuffy (nl) wrote: Life Partners is about two best friends who are different but alike. It didn't really focus on Leighton playing a lesbian role but more on the kind of friendship she has with Gillian Jacobs.They were inseparable which is pretty much common to best friends regardless of their sexual orientation. But when one of them enters a serious-romantic relationship, that's when the falling apart starts.What I like about in this movie is that gender is not an issue. I hope more movies like this would be created where LGBTQ Community would be considered equal to others and not considered as others.

Heather M (au) wrote: This is a completely ridiculous story, but the characters were adorably flawed and that made up for a lot.

Steven D (gb) wrote: It's absolutely impossible to understand this movie! Because of that i will have to give it 1/10

Lindsey G (mx) wrote: The beginning was slow and kept waiting for it to pick up and get interesting and it never did. I was disappointed with the movie.

Rahima D (us) wrote: Innovative concept... The stories I liked the most were Rice Plate and Pooranmashi but Zahir, Gubbare, Strangers In The Night and Matrimony were also interesting.

Steve D (mx) wrote: Unfunny mess has very few moments of enjoyment.

Trey W (mx) wrote: Not a great, but weirdly satisfying, like overly greasy, MSG filled Fast Food.

David S (kr) wrote: As enticing as it is to see Stone practicing golf putts in her underwear, there isn't much more to this 'Basic Instinct' clone, despite the interesting theme of voyeurism, or rather being a voyeur, that is occasionally touched on. This theme was probably explored more subtly in Ira Levin's novel, but here it is an excuse for gratuitous (and unintentionally funny) sex scenes, and recycled thriller cliches. Despite the super-modern high rise, there is still the basement launderette that the woman in peril gets stuck in. It's nothing more than a glorified B-movie.

James C (us) wrote: The best car movie ever!

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - 11/29/2011)