My Voice

My Voice

A young African woman learns that finding love and happiness need not come at the sacrifice of one's identity in director Flora Gomes 2002 romantic musical My Voice. Young and beautiful, Vita (Fatou N'Diaye) decides to leave her home in West Africa to study in Paris. Before Vita leaves, her mother (Bia Gomes) nervously reminds her of the family curse stating that any female in their lineage who sings will be struck dead. Vita reassures her mother that she will do no such thing and leaves to begin her new life. Shortly after arriving in Paris, however, she meets and falls in love with a young French musician named Pierre (Jean-Christophe Dolle), who -- in a moment of romantic abandon -- convinces Vita to sing. Pierre's astonishment at Vita's obvious talent for music prompts him to convince her to record an album, which she does but almost immediately regrets upon remembering her promise to her mother about the curse.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Kabuverdianu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:star,   superstition,   singing,  

It has always been a firm conviction of the family that any woman who sings, will die. Now, while a girl is in France she becomes an international star. She realises that sooner rather than... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larisa L (br) wrote: part of it are cool and some parts the director should have avoided (especially some exagerations). but anyway the result is a watchable movie, with an intresting story to tell. loved claudia gerini in this one.

Rameshwar N (es) wrote: One great thing about this movie is, it introduced me to Roxy Music. Now that everything great about this movie is already discussed, it is an honest attempt of a movie about an aging alcoholic superstar, who gets nostalgic about his home but some questions unanswered from his past. Overly sentimental, roxy music's If There is Something is the only respite in this film which is otherwise quite a bore.

Saieer A (ru) wrote: fun movie just loved it

Mohammad Javad H (au) wrote: Great movie...The film opens on the day of a crucial World Cup qualifying match between Iran and Bahrain, a girl is trying to get in to Tehran's Azadi Stadium by dressing like a boy, it looks like she will get in until a soldier tries to search her. Once caught she is taken to a small enclosure high up on the outside of the stadium where there are a handful of women who had already been caught, here they are guarded by a small group of conscript soldiers who's leader would rather be back home tending his livestock. We never learn the character's names but we get to know them as people as the girls plead with the guards to let them watch though a nearby gap in the wall and when refused try to get them to at least provide a commentary.As well as making an important point about the rigid gender segregation in much of present day Iran the film contains many hilarious moments such as the "disguise" one of the girls is made to wear when going to the toilet and the girl who disguised herself as a soldier and was only caught because she chose to watch the match from a seat reserved for a senior officer. The girls enthusiasm for the game is such that by the end the viewer is likely to be on the edge of their seat hoping that Iran will win and thus get to go to the finals in Germany. The soldiers aren't shown as fundamentalists, they are just conscripts who are there because they have to be and when explaining to the girls why woman can't watch men's sports don't seem that convinced by their own arguments.It is a shame that this film can't be seen in Iran itself but it is good that the wider world can see it and thus see that ordinary Iranians aren't a bunch of fanatics desperate to wage war on the west but normal people with the same passions and concerns as people everywhere. The cast did a great job in making their characters seem like real people rather than mere caricatures.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Curtis 50 cent Jackson appears to have some acting chops. His story here almost looks like that it had potential, but when I took a good look at this feature, I thought, "Umm, yeah, he looks childish. I can't take him serious enough." It's a problem which allot of music artists have in trying to take on a movie role in the past, and still trying to do today! It doesn't work as much as they want it to, because it's not for them!As for one scene which I called bullcrap on, is the one where that gangbanger pulled out a gun as fast as the flash, and shot the cops in their car! Uh uh, c'mon! That cannot happen in real life, seriously!? This just felt like another missed opportunity!

Kipp S (es) wrote: I remember seeing this movie on USA UP All Night. It's a great B-movie. Plus it has Ami Dolenz in it.

Shelby Y (it) wrote: it was a cute movie. i remember it from when i was a kid :)

Gyward C (kr) wrote: this is the first movie i saw back in 1983 barely 5-6 years old.

Kevin N (nl) wrote: A dense and challenging work from Godard's most political period, ripe with jabs at both the film industry and capitalism itself. Several things make this a remarkable film. One is the addition of Jane Fonda, right after her head-butt with USA's involvement in Vietnam; another are the fascinating "doll house" sets and magnificent tracking long takes that Godard exploits. The film is split between a very personal insight into a disintegrating relationship (it's 'Contempt', only this time it's devoid of all hope and gender roles are inverted) and a more general look at the inner-workings of the workplace, and the way money is earned and spent. Over the years this has been classified as one of the director's most frustrating works, but I wonder why someone would go to Godard seeking entertainment. Expositions like this just aren't made anymore.

Jordan D (gb) wrote: I warn you... it's not for the squeamish. Willard has style, drama, a great lead and rats...lots and lots of rats. Crispin Glover did a fantastic job as Willard.

Leon W (br) wrote: Very interesting film. I was overwon by Edward G. Robinson's performance. I felt that the film may have been lacking in some small aspects, so I cannot bring myself to give 5 stars. I award this movie 4 stars.

Emily A (mx) wrote: has its rare moments but overall it just didn't do it for me. It's a mediocre film, the definition of okay. half the jokes fall flat and then theres more of a serious undertone. they almost juggle both parts a bit too much, not very well integrated at times. The story overall does draw you in somewhat but its too slow and the storyline and the actors roles were less than expected. the cast has so much more potential than this