A car full of irresponsible youths hit a woman on a rainy freeway and think she is trying an insurance scam.

A sexually intense thriller set in the colossal city of Wuhan in eastern China, which the director portrays as an unimaginably gigantic forest of featureless skyscrapers, their summits lost in the smog. The film has touches of Chabrol--and even a weird hint of Fatal Attraction--and also offers a sly satirical perspective on modern China’s new rush to capitalist riches and bourgeois prosperity... [We are introduced] to the comfortable, placid domestic world of Yongzhao (Qin Hao), a businessman, married with a daughter, who is well on the way to wealth. Yongzhao’s story is complicated by the strange situation engulfing his wife Lu Jie, played by Hao Lei...Out of the blue, Lu Jie has been befriended by Sang Qi (Qi Xi), the mother of one of her daughter’s classmates; she seems weirdly intent on striking up an acquaintance. Sang Qi asks to meet Lu Jie for coffee one day and makes a startling confession. It is to be the beginning of a bizarre and unsettling duel between the two women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (au) wrote: No catchy songs in this musical about a boy who is sent to his grandparents while his mum sorts her life out. Poor and dull

Cameron C (es) wrote: I laughed a couple times but overall, this movie was horrible!

Brett H (ca) wrote: Bad-ass title, no CGI, and straight-up werewolf action directed by a GREAT British filmmaker...sign me up! Dog Soldiers could be the best werewolf film I've seen to date with an incredibly simple plot and a great cast of likable characters with no annoying teenagers in sight! Being a British/Scottish film the accents are very thick and at times hard to understand, so if you're not familiar with the slang and style of speak, this may not be for you. It's violent, to the point, and adrenaline-fueled ferociousness that certainly has bite!

Rose (it) wrote: I liked it, and I'd definitely watch it again

Charles P (ag) wrote: A blunt reflection on life where the aesthetics of the film climax in a flash of beautiful revelation

Zachary R (es) wrote: Hands down, my favorite movie of all time. Great storyline, good history, good character, good thoughts, wonderful writing, I was with it from beginning to end.

walter b (de) wrote: great family movie! I highly suggest it!

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Complex but lighthearted thriller about computers and cryptography, government and espionage, secrets and deception and betrayal. A repeated process film.

Analis J (fr) wrote: I am dying to watch this movie

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Scott M (jp) wrote: classic Eastwood. Grisly cop

Dion D (gb) wrote: A salvage job that recontextualises a failed pilot and turns it into a meditation on the emptiness behind the Hollywood dream. The problem is that the seams are all too visible, and Lynch once again mistakes his own sexual fantasies with Big Archetypal Ideas. It possesses some truly haunting moments, however.

Alex K (de) wrote: I Like Crime Films, 1972's The Godfather Is My Favorite Crime Film.