Mystery Train

Mystery Train

Three stories are connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English,Japanese,Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   ghost,  

Three stories are connected by a Memphis hotel and the spirit of Elvis Presley. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Mystery Train torrent reviews

Michael D (ca) wrote: Geoffery Rush, the writing, the locations, the art, made this movie. Very well done. Possibly a little long, but still kept me interested. There are "chick flicks", this is more an "older guy flick". An awesome scam/sting. Us older guys need to stay on our I'm only interested in women my own age, so no worries for me.

Michael T (de) wrote: The deliberate pacing may turn some people away from this serious look at religious duty and conscience.

Helder A (gb) wrote: Good Film, Casting Fantastic, And Shows The True Ghetto London!

Caitlin L (gb) wrote: Cute. They are great together.

Phillip W (nl) wrote: Pretty good movie the fight scenes where pretty cool.

Jason S (de) wrote: When I laughed, I laughed. Unfortunately those moments were too far apart for me.

Jessica H (ca) wrote: Has made for cable written all over it.

RA L (ca) wrote: WEB. Conmovedora y retadora en su simpleza, cual abstracta historia de fantasmas, pero tengo que verla de nuevo. / Moving and challenging in its simplicity, like an abstract ghost story, but I have to see this again.

Terry P (ca) wrote: Great film with plenty of laugh out loud moments. You can still see the influence of Laurel & Hardy in popular humour today. This film is a blend of slapstick, surreal humour, self parody and nods to older pieces of work. If that description sounds a bit like the Simpsons, it's worth noting that Homer's "d'oh" was based on the "d'oh" of Laurel & Hardy regular James Finlayson.

Aidan H (it) wrote: Capra's classic romantic fantasy has lost a little of its gleam in the intervening years but as a piece of humanistic escapism, it still leaves an impression.

Kyle C (nl) wrote: Can movies like this be good? What I mean by that is a movie with a concept like this one, that is not an action movie, but a comedy. Well, it can be good, it can actually be very good, and that's what this is. There are some absolutely hilarious lines in this. Ben Stiller is playing his normal character and when he does it properly, he is likeable and he is here. Eddie Murphy I can't really comment on because believe it or not, this is the first movie of his I've ever seen in the theater and I think only the 2nd one of his I've ever seen, he's not one of my favorites as you can tell, but he did good I suppose and had a few funny lines. The robbery itself is a little corny but I suppose it was the best they could do, but overall it didn't matter because it was entertaining enough where it could be a little silly so I would have to say that this is RECOMMENDED.

Marks V (it) wrote: One of my favorite movies that I love to watch whenever it's on cable