Mystic River

Mystic River

A story about friendship and loyalty, guilt and vengeance, and the fateful affect the past has on the present.

The movie follows three childhood friends Jimmy, Sean, and Dave who are reunited after Jimmy's teenage daughter Katie has been beaten and killed. Will Sean find out who killed Katie? Will Jimmy make it through the investigation? And will Dave ever find out what really happened when he was abducted? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin B (mx) wrote: The idea of a super violent R-rated Home Alone is a brilliant idea but the awful acting from all parties as well as the horrifically contrived setup tarnish the end result. Waste of potential.

Donna L (it) wrote: Kept glancing on my bed thinking I'd seen something crawl. Not bad for an independent film.

Brian S (es) wrote: The BEST. This man was a prophet and was here to spread the message for just a short while. RIP Bill.

Marisa R (es) wrote: It took me 14 years to watch this movie mainly because I am not a big fan of SH. Nonetheless, I have to agree this is a great production, with a great cast and wonderful music. I wonder how much more awesome it would have been in Spanish... it was hard for me as a native Spanish speaker to relate to the story in their fake thick accents speaking English... overall it think it was a good ride into the world of Mexican culture to the masses.

Chris W (jp) wrote: Nice to see a sport movie without the happy ending. Although kind of hokey I like the fact that the plot addresses the two big risk taking decisions in life. Career vs character. "Tin Cup" is a great, light-hearted movie that everyone can enjoy for one reason or another.

Janelle N (au) wrote: I like and would definitely love a series

Cristian V (gb) wrote: This has to be an all time classic. From the jocks vs nerds theme to the "girls can do what boys can" this movie is a MUST watch and MUST own.

Ken C (ru) wrote: An entertaining neo-noir thriller with good performances. Dennis Hopper was just doing his thing and Nic Cage plays a bad ass quite well. There are many contrived moments when you need to suspend your disbelief, but the story is interesting enough for you not to care. The soundtrack is also pretty cool and always comes up at just the right time I liked the ending a lot as well because as i was looking at the final shot of the train leaving I looked back at all the crazy shit that went on that wouldn't have even happened if it hadn't been for the misunderstanding at the beginning. A fun time. I recommend it.

Jail H (it) wrote: Quite possibly one of the greatest b-movies of all times... cluck, cluck

Paula B (it) wrote: My childhood favorite

Alex W (gb) wrote: This needs to be seen by more people.

Stuart K (fr) wrote: Directed by Tony Scott, who had just come off the spy and espionage themed Enemy of the State (1998), and written by Michael Frost Beckner (Cutthroat Island (1995) and Prince Valiant (1997)), this is a hard-edged spy film with a lot of flash backs and flash forwards. But, this works against it. You can't deny Scott is perfect to make a film like this, and it is well made, but it's not a film you can fully engage with. In 1991, CIA spy Tom Bishop (Brad Pitt) is caught in China trying to free Englishwoman Elizabeth Hadley (Catherine McCormack). Bishop will be assassinated in 24 hours unless the U.S. Government claim him. However, if the U.S admit to the Chinese that Bishop is an agent, it would risk jeopardising a potential trade agreement between the U.S. and China happening in a few days. CIA case officer Nathan Muir (Robert Redford) is asked to come up with a solution, as he recruited Bishop to join the CIA in 1975 just after the Vietnam War. Muir tells his superiors all this and their operations together, and he comes up with a dangerous rescue plan. With 2 good leads and a top director experienced in films like this, it should have been a success, but it ends up being quite half-hearted and it feels derivative. However, there are scenes with Redford and Pitt together in the flashbacks, and they're the scenes that work the best.

David A (nl) wrote: pretty stupid and cheesy but its fun to watch