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Mystification torrent reviews

Zach M (br) wrote: Not the worst thing but it does feel a tad long.

Darren H (nl) wrote: Tremendous fight scenes. Tremendously inept film-making.

George P (it) wrote: This movie is crazy. The town of Ballywood? Black dude in Ireland? Monique is just scary.Anyway, I love Irish accents, and Anna Friel, of Pushing Daisies Fame, is a beauty, only an idjiot could say otherwise ;P. And if she really sings in this film, she isn't a bad singer.Eddie Griffin plays a Martin Lawrence like role. He's funny, raunchy, but kid friendly.When there is nothing on...check it out for Anna Friel, or for a few laughs--especially if you are Irish, and hate England (shrugs).

Andr (mx) wrote: Review will be written when/if re-watched (Probability: Zero).First viewing: 01.03.1999

K B (au) wrote: hh damn .. not the best ever but good funny one ..

Tommy K (ru) wrote: Again, if I were to do a full-blown review of this one, I would be repeating virtually everything I said in my reviews of both Beauty and the Beast and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. With that said, this is undoubtedly one of Disney's greatest and most epic products and is as highly acclaimed as it is for a really good reason.

Randy T (mx) wrote: Well made, dramatic case study of the crime, trial and subsequent execution of Derek Bentley. Director Peter Medak and a very talented cast have put together a powerful argument against capital punishment and a scathing indictment of Britain's jurisprudence.

Poo B (mx) wrote: It was a okey movie, they showed a different side of a war/world war II, the womens side of it. Its a tough life too, the movie had me at times but lost me at the end. boyaka boyaka

aaron w (nl) wrote: actually kind of a depressing movie from the girls perspective

Zack B (ru) wrote: It's baffling to me that this magnificently made film, full of both humor and emotional depth, is not well known as one of the greatest films on the subject of war and what it does to its participants.

Glenda Marie A (de) wrote: Half-baked. Might have worked if Cook's not the lead actress.

Mole H (gb) wrote: Kinda creepy, some interesting design work, and it seems pretty clear that Alien owes some plot points to this, but still pretty mediocre.