• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Mythri 2012 full movies, Mythri torrents movie

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Mythri torrent reviews

Jared B (it) wrote: Good film but ends on a bit of a sour note. Also, Chris Pine is entirely too pretty to play this rough cowboy type convincingly. Ben Foster is great as the douchebag brother though.

Kurtiss K (us) wrote: Phenomenal. Gut-wrenching emotion, visceral action, incendiary acting, and jaw-dropping computer animation make Dawn the best blockbuster of the year so far.

Scott A (mx) wrote: The film is never boring, but super confusing. I am still trying to think back and figure out just what it was that I saw. A ghost story? A vampire Story? Of maybe just a story of a very sick girl.It's about a bunch of girls in a boarding school, who are all pretty good looking I must say, and a new creepy student arrives shortly after, played by Lily Cole. She was good, but I am still unsure of what she was. I have read vampire a lot, but she was out in the day and never did anything vampire-like. We do see her walk through a window once, but that is really all.Bolger and Gadon, who I've never seen before, are just super gorgeous and I really felt awful watching their friendship fall apart through the film.For a horror film, it's ins't scary and now real gore, but it does seem to have a lot of implied bi-sexual stuff going on. It's almost if the main plot if Cole stealing Gadon away from Bolger. There is a maybe sex scene, maybe vampire attack at one point.I guess the film worked for me as it could have been a many number of things going on and the film basically lets you decide I guess.I'd like to see these young actresses in more genre work for sure.


Theresa S (ru) wrote: A must see if you like classic films!

cyn d (de) wrote: Great actors and a great story = a great movie

Brad S (kr) wrote: Classic Buster Keaton from 1923. This film is his take on Hatfields & McCoys, the feuding families. Inventive, hilarious and exciting. This film has it all. Definitely recommended!

Tara P (gb) wrote: I started watching thinking it was the Ryan Gosling movie, "Drive". I sure hope the real thing isn't as bad as this...this....I'm not even sure what to call this.

Alex K (ru) wrote: The plot sucks. No introduction of characters. No characters the audience is made to care about. The bad guys are bad and the good guys are bad. This movie is NOT worth the high marks it's got. It's boring AF!

Sharilee F (es) wrote: Second time seeing this. Hard to watch, but a must see. It's based partially on the columbine shooting if anyone is interested.