Na Onda do Iê-Iê-Iê

Na Onda do Iê-Iê-Iê


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:111 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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Na Onda do Iê-Iê-Iê torrent reviews

Jp Q (ag) wrote: This Is A Really Really Funny Film

Shira A (it) wrote: I enjoyed this movie a lot because i could actually realte Nick to somebody whom I know very well .... dialogues were amusing and situations in this movie were tickling...

CHIYANG T (us) wrote: (2010/03/05/iPod) what a scuk movie...( just because sleepless and watched via iPod... no more choice)

Aaron I (mx) wrote: Good job, Michael Pitt.

Jason S (ca) wrote: not a very good time travel midevil movie so to speak

Brian P (fr) wrote: This is basically a remake of the Marx Brothers' "Night at the Opera". I was surprised on how much of the Marx Brothers style the were able to make work in this one. Turturro especially is good in the Groucho role.

D M (ca) wrote: A bullied nerd plans his revenge years later by staging a fake high school reunion. From an era which gave us Return to Horror High, Cutting Class, and Student Bodies, this does not particularly stand out. What you'd expect in a movie from this ilk, lasciviousness, bad acting, plot holes, pointless gore, trite dialogue, etc. Yet another comedy horror with Dick Miller!

Jeff w (mx) wrote: My first womens prison movie, I'll never forget it. Wendy O Williams!!!

Mel B (gb) wrote: a true chuck movie! is funny when he is so tough but action pack!

Carl S (jp) wrote: Sort of a different take on Jules and Jim---nobody dies and the competing men end up good friends, after the woman leaves. Yves Montand was great as Cesar, a successful business man who knows so little about life, love, and women, and who acts like a petulant child when he does not get his way. The other actors seemed a little weak and thin.

Stephen H (it) wrote: This movie is pretty ridiculous. Great actors like Gregory Peck and Lillian Gish at work, and Jennifer Jones is nice on the eyes, but the script and performances are so overwrought that it's almost laughable. The scenery is beautiful, but this is a "classic" only in the sense that it's still remembered. Why it should be, I don't know.

Ariel F (us) wrote: Embrace your childhood

Chris T (br) wrote: This cheesy Eighties flick mixed a silly premise with slightly less silly special effects. It was fun as a kid, but what I remember about it pains me now.

Tom N (kr) wrote: I'm a big fan of all of the "Wild Hogs"... Especially Tim Allen, It's always good to see them together as Bikers. Yet story line wise i do have to say was lacking. Ray Liotta was to much of an asshole to fully enjoy this!