Janki Kapoor (Nutan) and her two sons (Ravi Kapoor and Vicky Kapoor) come from a poor middle class family, and have difficulties making ends meet.

Janki Kapoor (Nutan) and her two sons (Ravi Kapoor and Vicky Kapoor) come from a poor middle class family, and have difficulties making ends meet. To add to this burden, the family has to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto A (ca) wrote: From what I've heard, the Woodstock Festival was a pivotal moment in the history of the 20th century. It defined a whole generation. Why couldn't I see that in Taking Woodstock? Apart from telling us how the festival was planned, there's nothing to watch in this film. It doesn't live up to what the real thing could have been, not the slightest. So I recommend to watch it if you want to know how it was planned, but if you want to know how it felt to be there, KEEP DREAMING!. By the way, I hated the double and triple screens of the editing, bad bad choice.

Miia K (ca) wrote: I think I have already seen a movie like this, but since this isn't that old this can't be the same movie. This was so stupid and not in a funny way.

Ben H (de) wrote: Truly one of the worst films I have ever seen. It gets one star because in all fairness it was very funny, however I feel confident that this is entirely unintentional.Poor story, dreadful graphics for the house, bad acting, terrible script. It will make you laugh though.

Jeff B (it) wrote: This was just too silly.

Parvi Y (nl) wrote: Crap movie! Although it contained some absolutely shocking scenes that I couldn't and hadn't seen anywhere else...

Chris L (ru) wrote: This movie is an 'Old timer' nationalist wet dream. Bad science mixed in with a dash of racism, Ephebiphobia, Technophobia and really creepy moments of old guys hitting on much younger women. Despite being about pilots who always wanted to reach space, the desire behind it takes a back seat to the larger drama: to complain the entire way to space while never taking a moment to thank the people (NASA) who are providing you with this lifelong dream.

Jordan P (it) wrote: I know it doesn't give him a proper role but that's what makes it funny

Jim H (ag) wrote: A man journeys to the South to claim his inheritance, but he falls in love with the daughter of a rival family along the way.One of the stunts during the third act is one of Keaton's most amazing physical achievements in a career of amazing physical achievements. Considering the time this film was made and the technology available, I am always in awe of Keaton's technical prowess no matter what film I'm watching.The story is a satire of Southern codes of honor, one of the first times I've seen Keaton criticizing Southern mores, and the result produces some madcap ridiculousness.Overall, Our Hospitality is funny, entertaining, and contains some vintage Keaton, a master of the silent medium.

Moore S (ag) wrote: if you are to watch a romantic comedy, make it a German one, bitte! Really well shot, great cinematography work. It totally follows the romantic comedy storyline structure, so nothing is unexpected, but it's quite a pleasant movie to watch anyday. Til Schweiger does what he always does, but Johanna Wokalek became quite a discovery for me, since the only time I've seen her was in Der Baader Meinhof Projekt, in which she plays totally unrecognizable character comparing to this one. Quite an acting range, I must say. So all in all, a light weekend movie, well done, well performed, better than ANY Hollywood romantic comedy anyday.

Roger C (ag) wrote: great movie of inspiration