Naan Mahaan Alla

Naan Mahaan Alla

A youngster takes revenge on four boys who killed his father.

Jeeva is a cool youth who lives life in his own way. A typical Chennai youngster, for him everything is his friends and fun. His father Jayaprakash a call taxi driver showers all love and affection on him. They lead a simple life and derive happiness in whatever they do. One day, Jeeva comes across Priya in a wedding ceremony. After few interesting encounters, they soon realise that they share a great rapport and propose to each other. When all seems to go well, a murder attempt on Jeeva’s father disturbs everything. Jeeva’s father had witnessed a girl being taken by a gang in his car. The girl gets killed and Jeeva's father decides to knock the doors of justice. Sensing trouble, the gang eventually murders him. The death of his father shatters Jeeva. He vows to take revenge on the killers. He sets out on a mission to identify the culprits and goes running around the town baying for their blood. How he avenges the killers forms the rest of the story. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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