Film starring Shyam Kumar, Suraiya and Amar

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Naatak torrent reviews

Eleonora M (de) wrote: I'm still laughing when I think about the Anchorman scene when he gets seduced by the stalker.

Bank K (fr) wrote: North Sea Texas - Wonderfully captured. Though this visually stunning film seems simple and tender, it was somehow emotionally resonating.

Asa B (it) wrote: Despite its rather morbid subject, this is an enjoyable film thanks to the combined efforts of Adams, Blunt and Arkin.

Yoni F (de) wrote: Having watched this movie for the first time in 2012, the 1997 cinematography does not disappoint. The essence is of this love story embodies a certain honesty, one that is refreshingly pure and evokes the nostalgia of having been there before. The cast and script melds perfectly, and the chemistry between the leading roles raises the pours. Simply Classic!

Zach M (fr) wrote: A fairly boring second Puppet Master movie. Again taking place in the hotel with a new group of victims that try to figure out what happened to the last group. A new puppet with Torch who is pretty much a nazi puppet with a flame thrower. Thankfully Charlie Spradling is in it, she is damn beautiful, and does some more nude scenes to keep us happy.

Nicholas B (gb) wrote: Okay! Done Now geez.....

Mark L (nl) wrote: A little confusing, but I am sure to watch it again to get was pretty awesome

Millo T (de) wrote: Definitely, 70s horror movies are the best ones

Lee M (mx) wrote: A slender, honest study of a boy learning to be a man his own way.

Jared H (au) wrote: Pretty entertaining and surprisingly funny. Doesn't stand out as one of the great Westerns that I've seen, but pretty solid. No major complaints here.

Christian M (au) wrote: Mental illness, cleptomania and a typewriter who would have thought being a script editor could be so hazardous.

Tom M (au) wrote: For 80's fighting movies you can beat it. All the cliches are there and yes you want him to win in the end. Mortal Kombar and similar games would wouldn't even exist without movies like this.

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Worth finding and watching!