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Nabila torrent reviews

Lauren S (us) wrote: A somewhat cliched action movie. I was surprised at the number of female characters, though!

Mordia V (br) wrote: amazing if you like doom metal, LARP, nerdy medieval RPG, swords, horror and Pwter Dinklage. it had everything I love in the one film!!!!

Martin S (es) wrote: Shit... Nice to see Barry from Eastenders have a role, shame he's shit though. Summing up, it's shit.

Joshua L (nl) wrote: It's gotta cool soundtrack that's pretty damn repetitive, It has some damn cool action chase sequences but My problem with the movie is that alot of acting especially in the beginning, feels forced or over done. Either way you look at it there is just something off about the acting in the movie.

Julie (ru) wrote: hella funny stoner movie!! :D

Jenn T (gb) wrote: Well its a gangster movie. Cool accents though.

Cj O (us) wrote: I'm a big Meat Loaf fan, and I hope this movie doesn't screw up his real story.

I need a (es) wrote: R.I.P. Brad Renfro

Jyoti Prakash M (gb) wrote: Potty-mouthed, mean-spirited fun!

star r (kr) wrote: this is kinda cute but not as good as the first one

Logan M (ru) wrote: The amazing thing about the movie is how it's about a man reliving the same day over and over again, but never becomes repetitive. "Groundhog Day" is sensational and a definite classic.

Torie I (us) wrote: Love George Strait!!! Love this movie!!!!!!

Rhea R (au) wrote: Funny movie... Quote: My Cat can eat a whole watermelon. .

R Mando proud father (fr) wrote: My wife had me watch this, it's okay

Robby x (gb) wrote: Excellent Movie. Well adted by Smita Patil and Nasser.

Rachael D (nl) wrote: very funny! Dom Deluise is so funny!

Dylan M (us) wrote: boobies and russians in a midevil setting nice touch plus the ending is classic.

Enrico C (de) wrote: One of the best american noir movies of the 40's, though when it came out it has been considered just a minor work. The classic theme of the amnesiac trying to find out something about is past is developed in a visionary and surrealistic way, with a touch of irony (the Bela Lugosi-like charachter played by Kortner) that makes it a pleasure for the spectator.

cody f (ag) wrote: Cagney as a Copper.Great film and a good story.

Alyan H (mx) wrote: A Schumacer Classic. A great ansamble cast with a decent screenplay ad story.