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Ben T (jp) wrote: "127 Hours" is a harrowing survival tale that has great direction and a terrific performance from James Franco. It may be the best I've ever seen him in. The way the direction, script, and performance from Franco make you so invested in this story is incredible, and you feel like you are with him the entire journey. The faint of heart probably wouldn't like this but it's a must-see if you like survival epics.

Denise C (br) wrote: love it!! must see movie

Dimitri C (ru) wrote: Scary and entertaining. "The ruins" melts adventure and horror in a truly guilty pleasure.

Heather M (fr) wrote: I think that I can safely pass on this movie.

danielle m (au) wrote: Shirley MacLaine is hilarous in this movie.. but the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Costner grossed me out..

Alyssa S (ru) wrote: Weird, dark, unsettling, disturbing, uncomfortable, yet intriguing.

Laura D (ru) wrote: Their are so many things wrong with this movie. It is so cliche. The acting is questionable. The script has so many holes and it is so trashy. But, this is one of my top guilty pleasures! I just cannot help myself watching it every so often :-)

Carole T (jp) wrote: Great performances from all but too long and a ridiculous storyline!

Douglas V (br) wrote: I don't know what to say about... just it's not my kind of movie. #Sorry

Reece L (br) wrote: Artfully shot, expertly paced, and filled with compelling twists and turns, The Third Man is both a perfect encapsulation of its genre and a thrilling piece of entertainment.

Daniel G (jp) wrote: great independent movie.

phillip o (es) wrote: The story may be oversimplified but was well done, with awesome acting, in the same vein as John Q. And very relevant to events today. .