Nada sô sô

Nada sô sô

8-year old Yotaro gains a 3-year old step-sister, Kaoru, when his mother marries a jazz musician who plays in a club in Naha, Okinawa where they live. Before long Kaoru's father deserts ...

8-year old Yotaro gains a 3-year old step-sister, Kaoru, when his mother marries a jazz musician who plays in a club in Naha, Okinawa where they live. Before long Kaoru's father deserts ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Greg T (ru) wrote: Arashi No Yoru Ni (One Stormy Night) is truly a brilliant movie. It will be enjoyed by children thanks to the lovable characters of Mei and Gabu and some comedic scenes used (although they may not appreciate the occasional swear word used in the film). But I'm sure adults will take to it as well because it's such a moving film with a lovely idea and a wonderful message: true friendship defies everything

Jason M (de) wrote: This is a movie that was made for $400,000 and went on to earn $44M and a cult following. It is not a good film, but very original. It was meant to be stupid and delivers. There really is no overall message, except that geeks who struggle for acceptance and normalcy eventually prevail and attain the happiness they seek. The film is not funny. However, it is stylistic and unique, which is likely the reason it achieved a cult following, primarily amongst teens. I cannot recommend this to anyone, but give it a 5 out of 10 for its originality.

Natasha R (fr) wrote: my all time favorite!

Brendan N (gb) wrote: David twohy teams with Darren aronofsky to bring a hybrid thriller alive. The film failed to find an audience originally but should of found a cult status by now. Filled with character actors you will be quite amazed which young actors you find here.The film plays out like an old fashioned world war 2 film but strange things start occuring. David twohy brings some much needed character interaction along with the style he brung to pitch black. The only issue I had was the pacing which leaves you scratching your head. The acting is quite good but some of the unknown actors are clearly out of there place. Interesting cast choices do what they can with some underwritten roles. The films atmosphere and hybrid nature create something missing from mainstream cinema. The film takes a lot of risks and leaves you guessing for most part. Not for everyone but those with an interest in the supernatural genre will find something here.

Manda C (ca) wrote: Hilarious dark comedy.

Courtney T (au) wrote: Even with a great cast I have no desire to see this.

Mark P (kr) wrote: Friends and family of the main character continue to tell the main character to stop riding his bike. He continues to ride. Kinda like my life.

Linda K (us) wrote: Presumably this film is unavailable. It tells the history of Cuba through the lives of three women, each named Lucia. The first lived during the 19th century, a Spanish aristocrat. The second lived during the thirties, and the last was contemporary, in which Lucia was on an equal basis with her husband, and in love with a young teacher of literacy. Haunting, political, spiritual, Lucia was made during the apex of Cuban filmmaking in the early 70's.

Jens T (ag) wrote: Douglas Sirk's Written on the Wind is among his finest dramas that is the closest to what the real 50s was like, and how the society was slowly but surly drifting towards the more liberal and honest structure we have today. This drama deal with such theme's as paranoia, alcoholism and infertility, which was many problems of that time.Mitch Wayne (Rock Hudson), a geologist for the oil company walks into a meeting room and meets the new secretary Lucy Moore (Lauren Bacall). They both goes out a date the same day. But at the restaurant they meet Kyle Hadley (Robert Stack) son of an oil baron and Mitch life-long friend. He's an alcoholic and suffering from paranoia, but when he meets the woman of his life he suddenly stops, but what's gonna happened when the woman he loves can't give him a child.Written on the Wind is a great drama film with a lot of powerful acting performances, with real strong emotions. And is probably the closest thing we come to the real dogmatic 50s. Thumbs up.

Axel S (fr) wrote: People underrate John Carter. The special effects, plot, and Taylor Kitsch puts an amazing performance.

Jacob F (it) wrote: Good but Hitchcock has done much better.