Nadando em Dinheiro

Nadando em Dinheiro

Isidoro, a poor guy, suddenly becomes a millionaire, and gets into the most bizarre situations.

Isidoro, a poor guy, suddenly becomes a millionaire, and gets into the most bizarre situations. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel M (mx) wrote: How is Josh Gad even an actor?

Jenn T (ca) wrote: Well acted, good plot line.

Justin O (us) wrote: One of Seagal's better movies due to its humor and action though it's a blantant rip-off of "The Rock".

Harry W (kr) wrote: Twisted ,shocking amd stylishly crafted, Chopper massively benefits from Eric Bana's portrayal of the gritty famous australian criminal Chopper Read which will leave you speechless. Another great Australian crime film

A C (de) wrote: Great for educational purposes, and it wasn't that boring because there were so many well known actors on this movie.

Antonius B (ru) wrote: James Dean was killed in a car accident at the age of 24 just a month before 'Rebel Without a Cause' was released, and that tragedy, along with his electric performance of teenage angst in the film, would seal his legend. There are several iconic scenes early on that show his ability - imitating the siren at the police station after being picked up for public drunkenness, yelling "you're tearing me apart!" as his parents argue, and a scene with Natalie Wood, who rebuffs him initially, mocking him by saying "I bet you're a real gentleman", and him responding "I love you too". He is the new kid at their school, the outsider, the misfit, whose parents don't understand him.The film taps into this sense of teenage isolation, and there is clearly a plea to be listened to, loved, and understood. It also taps into a feeling of existentialism, of meaninglessness on a larger scale, with an outstanding scene in the planetarium where Dean's class listen to the lecturer say " the infinite reaches of space, the problems of man seem trivial and naive indeed. And man, existing alone, seems himself an episode of little consequence." Wood looks up into the projection of the stars, while Dean frowns as if Camus himself. As the film plays out, we see Wood has problems with her parents too - her dad, apparently uncomfortable with her budding sexuality, slaps her across the face for giving him a kiss as she would have when smaller. Their other friend, a repressed gay character played by Sal Mineo, has parents who are absent entirely, with devastating results. Dean is provoked into a knife fight at one point, and then into a frightening game of 'Chickie Run', with drivers meant to jump out of their cars speeding towards the edge of a cliff at the last minute. It's an idiotic game, but that's what young people do sometimes, idiotic things, and a classic line has Dean asking 'Why do we do this?', and the other boy, played by Corey Allen, responding, "You've gotta do something, don't you?"In the aftermath of Allen's character dying, the film spirals in ways which seem a bit exaggerated. It's still well worth watching for its themes and actors, Wood, Mineo, and most of all Dean, who is like a young Brando, full of screen presence, full of promise. He's great in scenes of angst, but also in those with spontaneous banter and play. 1950's cool, still cool today.

June B (au) wrote: Absolutely delightful story.

Henry F (it) wrote: So this is the best documentary I've seen to date (although I haven't seen many documentaries...); it's clever, interesting and pretty moving. I can see why questions were raised about whether this was actually a real documentary, because the story just seems too incredible to be true.