Hairdresser Nadine Hightower wants to retrieve the risqué photos she once posed for, but when she visits the photographer at his office, he's murdered by an intruder. Nadine talks her estranged husband, Vernon, into going along when she returns to the office, where they stumble across plans for a less than legal construction project. But when Vernon tries to turn the documents into a cash windfall, he and Nadine are pursued by goons with guns.

In 1950s Texas, a woman trying to recover sexy photos of herself and divorce her husband witnesses a murder and uncovers corrupt land dealings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nadine torrent reviews

Sean C (au) wrote: This is so dumb you cant help but watch. The first hour is so funny that you're prepared to forgive the rather slow and lacklustre half hour. The make-up effects arent bad but the dialogue - and especially that echo on the voice over are hysterical.

Benjamin M (nl) wrote: Very enjoyable and well done.

Warren W (ru) wrote: I made a special point of seeing this while I had a temporary job as a telemarketer! I wasn't disappointed!

Naoya K (ag) wrote: I love this one quite a lot! A miracle combination by Sam Raimi's rhythmical direction and Cohen Brothers's absurd sense of humor against human violence. Also a great homage to those great Film Noir of the golden age of Hollywood. A must see.

Colin T (ag) wrote: More tolerable than the first Thor film.