Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri

Nadiya Kollappetta Rathri

Railway Anti-Criminal Task Force (RATs) investigates three unrelated murders happened in a train.

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Mark H (nl) wrote: Interesting premise, poorly executed. While the acting is good, in too many instances I did not believe how they were directed to act, especially the lead, Richard, which is problematic. I was hoping that somehow, the finish would powerfully manifest itself and reconcile the story, but it was just as pitiful as the rest of the movie. If you do go ahead and take the time to watch Richard, I sure do hope you get more out of it than I did.

Greg W (ru) wrote: pls give it a rest making classic figures into vamps or zombies

Omairus P (ca) wrote: While the phrasing of the lines is meant to portray objectivity, there are too many examples of false logic and unsupported claims to feel like the information is thorough enough to reach a conclusion.

Steve W (ru) wrote: I didn't like the subject matter but I like Werner Herzog. I felt Timothy was a weirdo and it was interesting to a degree, but they paint to be a very weird and unsympathetic character so I didn't like him.

Trey B (us) wrote: One of the best sports films ever!

Ted W (ca) wrote: Definitely lacking the originality of the first and much of the film buff humor is missing, it still delivers the cringes as we've come to expect the freak accident and never know when it will happen. A much broader comedy than #1, I can't wait to watch the rest of the series and find out what's in store.

William R (ru) wrote: If you are in to extremely obscure bizaar randomness in movies then this is the movie for you. The closest thing to compare this movie to is "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", although it is a bit more serious. As a side note, Jason Schwartzman and Brittany Murphy did a fantastic job at playing tweekers.

Aditya M (br) wrote: Didn't know Woody Allen could make a person feel, that the actor who played Achilles in a not too recent movie, was acting in his movie, when he actually wasn't. That was because Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore were acting in the movie. I felt, an equally famous Indian actor Boman Irani, was acting as a Sikh person in the movie, also. I met two older girls at a party, when I was a small kid, in Bombay, as it was called then, and I imagined them to be two girls talking together, at my school, back at Kolkata. I assumed they were identical, and I asked them if they were the same girls at the same party, because they remembered me. It seems, to my sensibility, Mr. Allen was advertising many great cities, and just to make people happy about nice movies.

Greg W (ca) wrote: klassic poly doc-not me cup.....

Mahmoud S (de) wrote: This Is the Arabs Gathered by T.E Lawrence during the Ottoman Empire, in 1917, and he's planning to destroy it. T.E Lawrence, once a great man with a deplorable purpose is sent by the British government amidst the Arab tribes, he will be dominated by their desert lifestyle. He was planning to rupture them while being among them, but O destiny O love, they made him one of them, they made him their leader. Lawrence's leadership seems to hinder him from accomplishing his task, so how did he do it? That's up to the spectator to find. David Lean's prodigal way of filming the desert, from the smallest grain of sand to the Empty Quarter large space, delivers not only the masterpiece of its time but the masterpiece of all time. So why is the movie a big deal? It is one because of the performances given by the 3 all-time stars, O'toole, Sharif and Quinn. This movie is not only a visual entertainment but also an audio entertainment resulted by a strong and audacious screenplay (written by Michael Wilson and Robert Bolt) and the smashing score composed by Maurice Jarre.

Gregory S (ru) wrote: Ford' Judge Priest covers what the opening lines written by Irvin Cobb(author of the books) calls "tragedies and comedies" that are still very much alive in "grown men's minds" several years after the civil war has ended, the approach is simple Will Rogers is Judge Priest the film covers him and his community. Ford versatility as a storyteller is in full swing, some have even pointed out that the first and second half feel like two different films. The first being a laid back examination of Priests relevance to his community including his nephew and a vagrant he saved from the chain gang and even dialogue with his deceased wife (Ford's sense of spirituality would re-surface in his later films) this half is almost devoid of traditional structure.The second half is far more dramatic, centering around a case of assault and battery and questioning Priest's legitimacy. It's also more presentational as seen in a war flashback at the end that looks like a segment form Birth of a Nation told in an almost expressionist fashion. This dynamic of film is a nice example of Ford's tendency to combine comedy and drama the key example being that the film begins and ends with courtroom sequence the first one concerning the vagrant stealing a chicken and the second being a charge of battery of a civil war vet. What this does is show how Ford's insights were so inept that he could showcases the smaller nuances in life ("there ain't nothing prettier than two young folks in love in the summer") but at the same time foreshadow a kind of darker skepticism that would be more dominant in his later films, hinting that perhaps Priest's take on community may still give way to decay and even corruption or at least are never far from home. Ford was too proud to ever actually call himself an artist but perhaps he didn't need to, his work spoke for him. Ford had a fundamental understanding of cinema and it's ability to capture humanity while seemingly doing nothing and this why so many of his films require repeated viewings to help comprehend Ford's ability, when it comes to placing a camera few artist come close to him, whether it be a shot of two young lovers conversing or a civil war sequence(here we see both). I think its far from his best film but it incorporates elements Ford loved and ones he was skeptical about but didn't keep him from filming. Then of course some will complain about African American stereotypes however while their parts don't offer much variety Ford(and Priest as if they were one in the same) treats them with a great deal of integrety.

Christopher D (kr) wrote: Great Fun with more then a hint of Claustrophobia . This Scfi/action horror does more with its low budget then many " Hollywood " films do with theirs . The film is a Love letter to Alien not just with its monster or its " monster in the Ducts" but with its strong and sexy lead the tough Nicole Alonso . Also like Alien , Crawl or die puts our cast into a situation where the hopelessness and the claustrophobic nature of the film starts to effect the viewers . Feeling of panic as the creature reaches for a foot , the tightness of the tunnels and the earth falling into our heroines face as she crawls ever onwards - you find yourself taking deep breaths and willing her forwards . I would love a " Making of " Dvd for this film as some of the shots of Nicole must have been torture . If you love B-movies , scares feelings of panic and sexy lady's kicking butt , i recommend this .

Matthew B (nl) wrote: This film is about a man who is accused of murdering his wife is sent to a jail when havoc often breaks loose. When he begins to win jail fights a sexy women approaches him with an offer to win his a death race. He takes the offer to drive in a race where cars have rockets, grenades and other apparatuses attached. He must fight for his life with potential friends to ensure his freedom in the end. This movie is over the top silly but I have to be honest I enjoyed that it. The characters are bland as old wood but the action may be all over the place but I enjoyed it.

Steve G (de) wrote: Not Hitch's best. Grace Kelly was kind of asking for it.

Jon R (de) wrote: Great performances from Bridges, Tyrell, and (the criminally underrated) Keach. If any film deserves a new dvd treatment, this is it.

Scott C (gb) wrote: Memorable. Toni Collette's breakthrough.

Sue B (it) wrote: What would you do if you knew the world was ending?

Amanda P (kr) wrote: going 2 see it now know it'll be good

Bill B (us) wrote: Re-watched upon the occasion of upgrading to the Blu-ray that I bitched about wanting below! My only sadness is that's it's still just basically the film and no real features. Oh well.My initial capsule feelings:This is possibly one of my favorite films, starring an actor I love opposite an actress I think is super-hot, especially in this era of her career, so what I really wanna know after a recent re-watch is: Where the hell is my special edition Blu-ray of this one? It's a cute, fun movie that doesn't feel as dated as it could, given the time frame in which it was released, and I think most folks will enjoy this unless they insist on having weird hang-ups about a killer who finds easy redemption with the right girl.Recommended.