After loosing their jobs, Dasen and Vijayan don't see any chances to get work in Kerala. So both escape to Gulf , but can they find luck there?

After loosing their jobs, Dasen and Vijayan don't see any chances to get work in Kerala. So both escape to Tamil Nadu, but can they find luck there? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nadodikkattu torrent reviews

Marwa E (nl) wrote: Wow amazing.... Enjoyable and colourful

Marcelo G (fr) wrote: 100% just music: simply beautiful! The music is awesome and the images behind it are great too!

Leena L (ag) wrote: Cannot disagree with my first review: I like the colours of the film but the story as such was deeply annoying. Not just because Maria suffered more than enough and still stayed with her husband but also because for many women, this is still the case in modern times, hundred years on. Sad, so sad and yet somehow full of hope. And she did get her balls eventually!

Dillon K (jp) wrote: Despite an incredibly low budget and the casting appearing to be choosing random teens off the street, there is a quality of storytelling that trumps its indie shortcomings.

Wendy S (au) wrote: No it is not a 52%! I love the strange, cerebral, sad, yet hilarious sister relationship in this film. Complicated family dynamics are often hard to sort out and this film makes a fervent attempt at doing just that. But no action or special affects, it's all character study and some very silly stuff from Jack Black.

Bruce B (de) wrote: Pretty good Horror Asian Movie, supernatural powers at work. 4 1/2tars

James T (kr) wrote: I love this movie! Kirk Douglas is great in it, I'm a huge Michael J. Fox fan and he is great in this kind of light, warm hearted comedy as usual and I still lust after Olivia d'Abo since I was a kid and she was in Conan the Destroyer. The supporting cast do a great job of being err Greedy. This movie makes me glad I'm skint, at least I know I'm loved for me:D

Andrew S (br) wrote: Snobbish heiress Joanna Stayton hires carpenter Dean Proffitt to construct a huge closet on her yacht for her lavish wardrobe. Dean completes the project, but when Joanna learns that he failed to use cedar as she wished, she refuses to pay him for the job. Some time later, Joanna falls overboard and is struck by a boat, giving her a case of amnesia. When Dean sees the story on the news, he concocts a scheme to pretend that she is his wife, Annie. Believing that she is Annie, Joanna moves in with Dean and becomes mother to his four unruly boys, a role for which she is quite unprepared and totally inept.

Augustine H (br) wrote: Robert Duvall plays an alcoholic, once famed singer. He manages to get back to the right track with a new wife, only realizes that his emotional restraint has cost him something irreparable. 26 years later, Jeff Bridges resembles this role in Crazy Heart, more lonely but less miserable with a glimmer of hope. Good vocal performances from Duvall himself, who probably deserves his Oscar, as well as Tess Harper.

Cody F (it) wrote: By far the worst Alien movie. It was not really enjoyable and did not stand the test of time at all.