A male and a female in their human forms are in love with each other. When the male turns back into a snake, he is shot by a member of a hunting party, who thought the snake was going to attack the woman. Enraged at the brutal killing of her beloved; the female snake begins to take revenge on the six involved, killing them one by one after assuming the form of a human.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1976
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Nagin 1976 full movies, Nagin torrents movie

While hunting in the jungle, one day, Vijay save the life of a young man from the sudden attack of a wild hawk. There and then Vijay realizes that he have just save the life of a miraculous... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Nagin torrent reviews

Brett W (au) wrote: A worthy sequel to a not-so-worthy franchise (also I count 12 of these; why is this just now 10?) Full Moon Entertainment --love'em or hate'em, they are what they are and they just keep on ticking. Evil Bong 3D, anyone?

Ellen G (jp) wrote: Ser at kvaliteten har sunket litt. Bra historie da. Og skjegget til Varg blir bare grere og grere.

David T (nl) wrote: Better than I thought it would be. Affective tension builder along the lines of The Shining and Polanski's work.

Adrian Z (gb) wrote: 3/5 - Passable thriller from Spain about a mother whose child goes missing in an eerie island. The island itself is a central character in this piece, ominous and scary. If only the director hadn't gone for overkill with scare effects - the music score is busily hammering in dread and danger even when it's inappropriate, and disturbing imagery that might suit a straight horror movie intrudes what is basically a thriller.

Gustolfo T (jp) wrote: La pelcula es basura, pero las morras la hacen soportable.

Amelia l (nl) wrote: A great movie that shows that shopping can't be used as a life style because it comes back to bite

Tony D (de) wrote: Since "Scent of a Woman" I have seen this actor develop himself to be one of the best in our era in acting. He did not fit the "accepted" physically attractive or athletic type of many leading men in Hollywood or whatever-wood. This man possessed a natural gift and passion in this field. He transformed himself over a very short time in a very successful artist. At 46 years old Phillip Seymour Hoffman left this place and left a tremendous void for us who have enjoyed his work. Tonight I watched this film alongside another great actor Robert De Niro. I was sincerely impressed how he flows in acting; his personification of this man-woman character who chooses to help the one who is an arrogant fool with a heart (De Niro). The humanity displayed here is profound as no matter what any person think may think we are in society, we can all make mistakes and desire to be loved and love right back, and even feel lonely and helpless. Reaching out for help, as this character did, can enrich not only ones life but others as well. I will miss Phillip because in spite of his alleged flaws, he has also very human, like you and I, and damn gifted in his art. A true genius in my book. See his other great films! Enjoy this guys art! R.I.P Phillip.

Steven L (es) wrote: Really a dumb movie, but it's a dumb comedy.

Ryan V (jp) wrote: This solid sequel is nearly as good as the first Candyman. The story is more of the same, but the gothic atmosphere and creepiness of Tony Todd as our titular boogie man more than cover up for it.

Philip S (au) wrote: Cheesy action film. Saw it years ago, probably because Cynthia Gibb was in it (Youngblood *sigh*). Seem to recall it being bleh.

Ben H (fr) wrote: As a documentary about the murder trial this would've been really interesting, but it dragged as a film and didn't really work. Even with the hollywood actors it didn't quite do the story justice

Crystal F (br) wrote: I love this movie, its not a "booga booga" jump scare feature but there are some very funny and poignant moments.