Buzga the shepherd, an object of ridicule among his fellow villagers, discovers his painting talent and becomes famous. Their envy leads them to paint themselves and try to outperform him, ...

Buzga the shepherd, an object of ridicule among his fellow villagers, discovers his painting talent and becomes famous. Their envy leads them to paint themselves and try to outperform him, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lewis E (us) wrote: *GASP* This is actually funny. No Way!! Gotta give Nick Cannon some credit here for helping partly restore my faith in black comedy. The type of humour has that right level of that silly randomness to it which always appeals to my funny bone. All the characters are colourful, most having their own unique, funny personality trait. Katt Williams makes a nice cameo and even my old nemesis Kevin Hart (and especially his hard of hearing sidekick) contributes with a few of funny moments. The rude comedy can feel odd sometimes in what can only be classified as a Disney Channel setting, but what school boys don't chat about girls these days and luckily 'School Dance' does not get crude to a extreme degree. Nevertheless, evidence of lazy comedy exists. The cop side-story is throwaway, like a fake Superbad Rogen/Hader sub-plot. The female cop rapid fires so many needless f-bombs that you ears will start to turn green after listening to her. Didn't serve much purpose in relation to the main plot anyway. I wasn't a huge fan of Mike Epps's over-the-top clich and the old Caucasian teacher who just so happens to speak slang and likes gangster rap; both these concepts have been done to death.Perhaps a half star too generous but that is due to my happiness in seeing good comedy returned to my screens (shout out to 'Lego Movie', TV show 'Modern Family' and underground cartoon 'Rick and Morty'). 'School Dance' is a pick 'n' mix in the range of joke quality but young generations especially should be pleased with what they find more often than not.

Bartek K (jp) wrote: Absolutely amazing. Fans of the series NEED to see this at all costs!

Tim K (kr) wrote: This made absolutely no sense. Grade Z movie making. Hard to even watch. Chicken raptors...really?

Chris S (ca) wrote: Again there is something in the original films that Hollywood doesn't understand. Though this is not the best one I have seen to date, its defently better than seeing it remade for a generation of teens and tweens. An authentic creepiness that's been done before, but what the hell.

Tony B (it) wrote: Lots of guns, gangsta rap, drug dealing and violence in this low budget film set in Brixton. The story itself is good enough once you get over the fact that a couple of the actors looked totally out of place and gave rather stilted performances.

Andrea R (br) wrote: Tres cool! Looking forward to seeing the remake - The Tourist - now.

TTT C (gb) wrote: (*): Thumbs Down I wasn't expecting much in the way of good acting or story, but I really didn't expect to be so annoyed by this one. Just plain bad.

Samantha P (de) wrote: A page turner who falls in love with a classical pianist. Be warned they're both men.

dan f (ag) wrote: fuking mint mate if you want a 3hour bonar check this outt recomended for monkey lovers

Dan M (us) wrote: ????? ?????? ????? ? ???? ? ???????? ??? ?? ??????? ???? ?????? ???? ?????, ??, ??? ????? ??????! ??? ?????? ???????? ????? ?????? ???????, ?? ? ????? ?? ?????????? ??? ????? ? ????? ??????????. ??? ????, ??? ?????? ??????? ??????? ??????? ? ???????.

christine h (ca) wrote: the original high school musical.... but with college!

Jonathan L (mx) wrote: Brilliant vampire movie and one of Hammer's greatest movies. This is one of the movies that feature vampires that are part of the Psychic-vampire or Psi-vampire or energy-vampire variety kind of vampire where they don't suck blood but suck out energy/youth/lifeforces instead like in 1985's Lifeforce or Sleepwalkers. This movie is even better than Van Helsing all the way and it paved the way for similar vampire hunter movies like Vampire Hunter D series to all the way to Blade even though Blade was a Marvel comic made in 1973 but the movies are similar to Kronos.Caroline Munro is a gorgeous b-movie and British actress for this film and this is one of my favorite Hammer movie and vampire movies.

David K (au) wrote: It's okay. Once you think this movie starts to get good, it becomes horrible again! Some of the movie makes no sense and just added for humor. The guy is a creeper.

Tatsuhito K (nl) wrote: I enjoyed it for the most part. It's charming, sweet, too sentimental and contrived at times, but overall good-hearted, Matt Damon is a likable screen presence and he makes a likable central character. I loved the film's optimistic attitude and good-hearted nature. The soundtracks are rather schmaltzy compared to other Cameron Crowe films, but Crowe manages to infuse feelings and laughs into the film through his well-written script, and with the help of its grade-A cast. We Bought a Zoo is no way near as good or memorable as some of Crowe's best work, but as a family-friendly holiday film, it does the job.

Tanner S (kr) wrote: Son of a bitch, that is weird now.