Najib Amhali: Veni Vidi Vici

Najib Amhali: Veni Vidi Vici


  • Category:Comedy
  • Stars:Najib Amhali
  • Uploader:DeGea
  • Country:Netherlands
  • Director:N/A
  • Writer:Najib Amhali

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Najib Amhali: Veni Vidi Vici torrent reviews

John E (ru) wrote: Albeit depressing in the end, it was a well shot movie with some though provoking ideas.

Paul D (us) wrote: A capable bit of throwaway action from two ageing stars.

Kevin L (ag) wrote: Who owns your water? This documentary raises that question and brings to light the major water owning corporations in the world. I think that everyone should watch this documentary that asked just that question.

Niccol T (ag) wrote: A really interesting piece of cinema that is at least worth giving a shot. I mean i don't expect good, overwhelming reviews but at least aknowledged its existance. Even "Intersection", with Richard Gear, at least has got some kind of reaction to it. Check it out and let me know, besides the premise/plot, what you think about the characters and how their developement goes along.

Alide H (fr) wrote: A P is The Bomb......Anyone want his autograph i can hook it up..........

intuciic (es) wrote: good and pretty horrifying movie

Kathie C (mx) wrote: I love this album. The music is awson.

SV G (mx) wrote: For me this story of a young immigrant boy (Renfro) in high school in 1960 who pins his dreams on a fast talking DJ (Bacon) seemed half-baked, despite the fact that it's supposedly the screenwriter's own "semi-autobiographical" story, and most scenes seemed needing more for me. HOWEVER the performances by Renfro and Bacon were nice ones, and enjoyable to watch.

Barry S (kr) wrote: This movie is totally unoriginal. It was one of a horde of hip "young lovers on the lam" movies of '92 to '94. However, I really liked it. It's a fun entertaining flick that kept my interest. Some scenes are really funny, some are really bizarre (such as Peter Fonda talking through an electronic voice box). Renee Zellweger has never looked better. I was very happy to see apperances by Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) and Wiley Wiggins (Dazed and Confused and Waking Life). It also serves as a nice little early '90s time capsule complete with an excellent soundtrack including Reverend Horton Heat, Mazzy Star, Meat Puppets, Flaming Lips, Jesus and Mary Chain, Butthole Surfers, etc. Love and a .45 is certainly no True Romance or Kalifornia but I really dug it.

Kyle M (ag) wrote: It's one of those movies, or sequels, where the protagonist travels to another country and must get used to their customs while looking for what he desire to be finished with. "The French Connection II" follows that plot. But what makes this sequel interesting is that the story wasn't based on anything that'd happened like how its Best Picture winner predecessor was as a fast-paced, dramatized ride. This sequel is fictional, and set as a continuation of that loose ending of a single gunshot that sort-of left us hanging. However, this particular sequel is like any other sequels that'd resulted to not have the same level as the original. Although, this is also one of those sequels that'd proved themselves worthy by the storyline that's pleasant in a way.Gene Hackman reprised his award-winning role as Peter Doyle, who went solo and was transferred to Marseilles, France in continuing his obsession of bring the drug lord Charnier (reprised by Fernando Rey) down to justice by ending his path. But during his time there after forceful doses, we get to see his character reevaluate himself on his toughness and behavior if he want to get back on his feet to resolve his obsession once and for all.The sequel starred the returning protagonist and antagonist, and was scored by the same composer Don Ellis. They'd followed the meant-well intentions of a different director John Frankenheimer ("The Manchurian Candidate"), who tried to recreate a few moments from the first, fact-based "Connection" in the sequel format while showing intelligence in the story. He tried to recreate the filming technique of that thrilling car chase through the chasing-on-foot towards the final confrontation that ends in the similar style of cutting to the credits. He got the cutting-to-the-credits right, but the chasing-on-foot with the same technique of the car chase wasn't that all thrilling.What's different between this and the original is that there wasn't a room, or any needs, for the fast-pacing thrills. It was all in a slow process that'd took time with some showcasing of some reflective moments, especially Hackman's character reevaluating himself sometimes. It'd also lacked the understanding of French when the original done most translations while this one was just letting the nearby, listening characters to do the translation on the script.Speaking of Hackman, he'd delivered the same performance with determination but not at the same level that gave him Best Actor (or maybe his performance was probably snubbed). It seems that his character was put into the looks of a part-foreign film (?) and just brought the light of the English language and interacted with the French.Rey's performance, on another hand, was leveled down at the probable same rate as how this sequel was leveled down. Also, his character's goons brought the usually-formulaic increased nastiness that could be one of the couple of reasons the film's level decreasing. Ironically, most of the film's intelligence was from the turned of events from his sub-plot that'd done some impacts."The French Connection II" is a leveled down, but worthy sequel in a pleasant way of continuation with returning important game pieces and intelligence while following the usual format of these kind of sequels. It'd done some echoing to the format, but it'd missed the original's echoes of the kinks it'd done to its respective genre. If you've enjoyed "The French Connection" and want to watch more after the loose ending, than "The French Connection," Part II is something for you to check out on further exploration of the fact-based story in a fictional continuation. (B)

Dylan D (au) wrote: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes returns the Apes series to a relative level of excellence after the letdown that was Escape From the Planet of the Apes. Conquest is a logical extension of the story arc that was introduced in the previous film, and sets the series up nicely for what should be a fitting conclusion and full-circle closure for the series. The highlight here is Roddy McDowall's performance as Caesar, punctuated by his fervent monologue to close out the film.

Sash D (jp) wrote: Really did not enjoy. Could have been decent - they got the environment right, for sure, and the feeling of the faceless enemy, and a fair bit of the plotline stayed together, but I feel that the characters really stray from the characters in the book, apart from Edmond. I don't care so much about Osbert disappearing as he wasn't really part of the plotline, but I'm really unclear as to why Isaac is Edmond's younger brother rather than his twin, and why Daisy and Piper are nothing like Daisy and Piper? So, personally, I think I'll stick with Meg Rosoff's story.

Carol S (kr) wrote: Everyone should see this film if you're a fan of Audrey Hepburn or Albert Finney.It was Henry Mancini's favorite score. Writing by Frederic Raphael (he wrote DARLING) is smart, funny, sarcastic, bittersweet...and ultimately romantic. And you've never seen Audrey Hepburn like this. Make sure you see the widescreen version. And as the film shifts in time tracking their relationship over 12 years, you need to pay attention. No talking or texting!! But it is well worth the effort.

Bruno L (ca) wrote: The only reason why this movie gets 2.5 stars s for all the powerul and shocking scenes from the war. Besides that, is just an "ok" movie.

Kevex X (gb) wrote: Like watching paint dry