Johnny flees Manchester for London, to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend, and spends some time homeless, spending much of his time ranting at strangers, and meeting characters in plights very much like his own.

Parallel tales of two sexually obsessed men, one hurting and annoying women physically and mentally, one wandering around the city talking to strangers and experiencing dimensions of life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Naked torrent reviews

Jim A (de) wrote: worth a watch,dont expect a oscar winning film but ok

Patrick A (de) wrote: Way better than I thought it'd be. Pretty realistic.

Edgar C (jp) wrote: The advantage of rating and writing brief comments about films is that, if the film is extremely boring, uninspirational and/or forgettable, the rating remains with the original feelings before they are lost in oblivion. So, I saw this back when I rated films, but didn't write comments or reviews yet. I have no memory of this TV movie whatsoever, except for the opening baseball game.So, I look at the rating and say: "Yeah, it was bad. Thank God I don't remember". I wish I could say the same thing about my half-star ratings.47/100

Manda L (au) wrote: After I saw this movie i was seeing 23's for a week....but jim carry shouldnt do scary movies

Paul D (mx) wrote: stylishly dull, the substance is certainly missing from what is otherwise a heavily directed piece of gun and martial art play around a love story.

Ian J (ru) wrote: I remember seeing this on TV when I was a kid and didn't have cable. Ah, the good ole days.

Glen S (br) wrote: one of the very first brave enough to risk talking about being gay

Kevin L (nl) wrote: The technical filmmaking is a little dated, but thanks to the impressive chemistry between Gibson and Glover, Lethal Weapon remains a significant entry to 1980s action movies

Francisco L (it) wrote: The Devil Wears Pada is nothing more than a cliched movie, with a overused final message, with a not original script and with a predictable direction, whose even the great Meryl Streep performances can't outwit.

Yuri B (ag) wrote: Damn... this was really good... Sudeikis has been great in every film I've seen him in as of late... a really different type of romantic comedy.